5-minute Freewrite: Prompt: You walk through a door - what do you see?

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Sometimes, memories are made in the most unexpected ways.

Especially when it involves little hands and little feet.

"Mama, I hear... Boy crying!"

My concentration broke.

I was interrupted by the concerned tone of my first born, all while minding my own business in the toilet.

Like most Mamas would (I presume), I decided that I was done. Not because I was, but because I had to. If you know what I mean.

"Ali, can you please check on your brother? Hello, are you there? Where are you?"

No answer.

Wasn't gonna put my hopes up as she was busy playing with her tab earlier.

As I was washing my hands, the faint cries coming from the room stopped.

I wondered what could be happening inside, and didn't manage to check whether the little girl was still in the living room.

Hurriedly, I walked through the door. Lo and behold, this was what I see.

Two little children staring back at me.


No wonder the crying stopped, the big sister stepped up to bring some comfort to the little brother by being a company to him.

Bursting ovaries.


The big sister has a way of making the little guy laugh, entertaining him with the funniest acts and songs that she could think of on top of her head.

And today, it was a photoshoot sesh with the little brother using a hanger!


If only you could listen to their laughter, they were contagious!


It was a fun little afternoon, except that the big sister had decided not to have her afternoon nap and went on to play in the living room while I was left to make the little guy sleep. Again.


Okay, off to dreamland you go.


art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics




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Aww... such a lovely story!
Thanks for sharing the love with us!

Such a great big sister, dear Ali! They are definitely cute little bundle of joy. :)

This is so sweet. They both are so cute. Btw I loved their second pic the most. Thank you for sharing :)

such cute babes!!! I could hear their laughter through the pictures :)

The big sister has a way of making the little guy laugh, entertaining him with the funniest acts and songs that she could think of on top of her head. This is the secret to being a mother of many: having offspring who look out for one another! Love your photos and LOVE your son and daughter!!!

Your kids are so adorable. And your girl is definitely gearing up to being a great helper to you..

Sometimes our children does the darnest things that makes us smile