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Overcoming My Fear of Learning How to Drive (5 Minute Freewrite)steemCreated with Sketch.

in freewrite •  last month

Confession: I am 28 years of age and I don't know how to drive. I have completed the first step in the process: I passed my driver theory test with flying colours back in May, answering every question correctly ... but I have been holding myself back from booking my physical driving lessons so far. I know I should do it – driving is a life skill that I really should learn – but I find myself paralysed by nerves.

My experiences behind the wheel haven't been great so far: there has been a lot of stopping and starting, burning rubber smells, screaming, panicking, hyperventilating every time the car moves forward a few inches further than I would like, and becoming incredibly tearful and frustrated over my lack of progress.

I don't know ... there's something about being enclosed in a huge, imposing chunk of metal that could kill someone if I go too quickly that makes me worry just a little bit. 😉 However, I was never accompanied by a professional driving instructor during any of my past experiences behind the wheel, so I know that when I do finally book my lessons, it will be easier. Professional instructors are trained to deal patiently and calmly with novice meltdowns (at least, I hope they are).

It's hard to say why I've put off learning how to drive for so long. It has been easier to just use public transport, I guess – living in an urban area all my life, I've never really been in a situation where private transport was the only way of getting to where I've needed to be. Financial factors have also played a role: even if I do go for my lessons and pass my driving test soon, there's no way I can afford to buy a car, pay for insurance, pay for tax, pay for maintenance, etcetera etcetera ... unless I win the lottery, of course. I'd never object to a nice old lottery win!

I have promised myself that I will book my lessons this month. Before August is out, I will get behind the wheel of a car and make a serious attempt to master this skill once and for all. Wish me luck... 😰😰😰


This was a response to @mariannewest's most recent freewrite prompt, 'drive'. Interesting that this prompt should come up just as I am trying to build up the nerve to finally overcome my fear of being in control of a car...

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Do it! You might be surprised, I didn't learn for real until I was 31 and once I got over the initial nervousness I really liked it. I practiced as much as possible and it was weird how quickly everything became second nature.


I have heard that once you finally go for it, it's much easier than you imagine it will be ... getting over the pre-committing-to-lessons anxiety is my challenge right now! 😅 But I will succeed. I know I will.

Give it a go @aislingcronin! You can do it, no doubt. <3

Well, I wish you good luck when you do go through with it. I passed my driver's license last year, but haven't driven once, so to me, having a car is overrated.

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I was 30 when I finally got mine. My story was a bit different as my ex was controlling, but I was very nervous learning to drive. I am glad to have the freedom now. Good luck, dear.

Well, there is the point that it is a good idea to learn - but if you can't practice, or need to drive - is your motivation just to do it? Where I live, public transport is limited and takes forever. Driving is a must. But I always wished I could take public transport.