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Every being has his or her own differences and ways of doing things, we imagine how some people could be so uptight and not flexible and others can suddenly conclude that it is pride, but on the other hand it is their nature, the creator designed them that way, while other humans are born to be free, free as the bird of the air and as the wind, allowing nothing to be a burden to them, even with that, side lookers, the life judges, the most perfect people that thinks the world revolves around them, will still Judge,”why judge?” when you cannot change a thing about these people you criticise, why judge when you can’t even spin back the hand of time to create more humans, humans which you can’t even control?
What we should understand is that people behave the way they do or better still possesses the attitude they do for a purpose.

Some purposes can be for self defence, to gather up more strength to build a sustainable self esteem, to proof a point to someone or otherwise, some might go that mile for scientific purposes, to create a hypothesis for a theory or something, so why judge? why criticise?

Criticism does not only end with our personality traits, and how much people wished you to be like them, forgetting that we are our own selves and cannot be another, it also rolls into our races and that boils down into Racism.

Roses are red, Violets are blue but both are flowers and we seem to love these flowers and use them, irrespective of the scents they emanates. This simply means that different races are in existence for a purpose to be fulfilled, different course and missions to be accomplished, and you think, continuous criticism and racism will make that purpose fulfilled? I don’t think so.

RACISM and CRITICISM has pushed a lot of people to live the life they would have least expected to live,for instance the Legendary Michael Jackson. A famous black man, endowed with talents which him alone was able to will, but he had the feeling that racism was catching up with him and…..he took the leap of faith, though he achieved success transmitting into his newself but there was no satisfaction in the new self. More was needed, more was wanted and more changes was required to be perfect. Now the question is….if he had remained a “Black” would he have attained the level of success which he had? You can give me your answers in the comment section.

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But i would say that he would have achieved all he would have, even in the world that all hope was lost, talent is within an no matter how much we try to hide it, it will always have a way of popping its head out and screams…” out”! at that point you will be left with no choice than to let the eagle in you fly, not minding the hurricane and tornado of that period, it will survive at any environment it finds itself, the going might be tough but the journey will be completed.

So we have no excuse to wallow in pain of Racism and Criticism, laying it as a fortress not to climb mount everest, it's no excuse to remain in ignorance when every condition has been designed perfect for you to will.

”we must learn to accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope”

those are the words of the great martin luther king, a wise man that lived in the era of great racism, criticism and disappointment,but he thrived, we should also know that the;

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comforts and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

The world is not a box for us to be boxed, we can’t see its end, neither can we see its depth, and that's the more reason we should explore. The strings on your waist are the only set back, and you can cut them loose.

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This is wonderful but the sad thing is that racism won't stop anytime soon

But there is a better way to live with it....not being drowned by it.

There are some things that won't stop racism is part of it. Seems a racist family passes the baton

Nice writing.. It's great you're looking to curtail this racism problem, difficult as it may be. It's also great to meet another Akwa Ibomite here on Steemit😀😀

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You see racism??
But even the most refined of us still subtly do it.

Thanks so much for this

I like your articles. they deal with life ... and racism is something so strong that it occurs in societies and at all levels. Unfortunately, children have learned from adults to be racist. This disease has lasted for many years and has not been eradicated. The human being has not learned to value his essence as human. He has not learned that color or ideology does not matter, but the fact that we are God's creation. Everyone equally. That we all have the same opportunities and the same rights. But always a Group has wanted to be more than others, feel superior to others and feel that it has more rights than others. The big mistake ... The day everyone understands that nobody is more than the others and what we should support, help, respect, that day the world will be the best. Nations will be better and everything will work better. Respect ourselves at all times and respect the opinions of others. We do not believe that everyone should think the same way we do. The world is world precisely because of race diversity. of thoughts. If we were all exactly the same and we thought the same, I think it would be boring and there would not be discoveries because everyone would think the same. We would simply live stagnant ... Respect the variety of races. Colors. The blacks. The whites. the mestizos. We are the ones who give life to our world. Let's live in harmony. (I hope you understand what I wanted to transmit, my language is Spanish and I use the google translator)