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Yellow. That was the color of her. Not her skin, mind you, who cares what her skin looks like. No. yellow was the color she was. It’s the color I see when she laughs and the color that streams from her eyes when she looks at me. Yellow is the color of her smile, of the way she moves, yellow is the color of her soul. The color of dandelions, the color of the sun, the color of her flowing hair, the color of everything she is. Yellow is the color I see when I look at her and pray that it never fades. She is beautiful, she is kind, she is talent. She is yellow. There’s no other way to describe it. Some people are brown, some people blue or red, but no one has ever been quite the same shade of yellow that I see when I look at her. No one is quite as bright, or quite as glowing. Nobody’s color is as clear as hers. Nobody screams yellow quite as loud. And it’s perfect.

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Prompt: yellow
Set your timer for 5 minutes
Start writing
Use the hashtag #freewrite
Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)


What a beautiful piece this is. I love the description.

Thanks so much :)

What a lovely way to describe someone and how they hold a special place in your eyes!

Larsy, an ostrich visiting our lovely town, has been kind enough to deliver today's prompt! (Mrs. Toph, thank you for your question! No, your husband may not ride Larsy.)

Freewrite Day 162 - ash

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Oh, lovely!! Do you see people's colors?

Not all the time, pretty much only if it's a very strong, powerful emotion but yes, if such emotion is provoked I see people's colors in a way

Very cool!!

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