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Do you want to get some free vote from some steemit server ??

If you want to get free vote from some server this post is only for you . So if read attentively this post and if you like this post you can share with others if they also can know about these tropic. I'm writing something about some server who are helping the steemer.

#Discord source

Registration :

You should registered with Discord if you want to get free vote from @minnowbooster source
You will get the Discord app in Google playstore by searching Discord. You can join the @minnowbooster free vot server link by taping this
@minnowbooster server link Source.

If you join this server you should complete registration with 0.0001 SBD or Steem with their memo. Don't worry your SBD OR STEEM will be returned after complete your registrarion.It is just for prove that you are or not I think.

Upvote :

You will get Upvote from this server 1 per 48 hours. You should remember that if you try to take Upvote multiple time in 48 hours you will be muted by the bot. So be careful .


It is a apps which you will be got in Google playstore. You should write pure article to get Upvote from this server. This server will also vote you 1 per 48 hours. You should post the article from their apps. You should use Esteem tag in your article otherwise you will not get vote from this server.

#Busy souce

It is very something difficult to get Upvote from this server. You and your follower should have 500xp totally. So, you should increase your follower if you want to get vote from this site. You should minimum 200 words article to get Upvote from this server.

Besides, There are many steemer who exchange their Upvote to you if you send their SBD or STEEM. So, you should be careful about scammer. You should invest these people who are really good and really sell Upvote.

Hope that you have understand what I said . If you have any question about these you can join our Discord server SteemitBD source

Thank you very much for reading this article. Stay with me and our Discord server to get more help about Steemit.

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