GET FREE SBD (29-01-2018)

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GET FREE SBD (29-01-2018)

How to get free SBD???

It is very easy!!!

• Just Upvote this post.
• Resteem This Post.
• Comments on this post

How to calculate my income?

If the value of your Upvote :

• 00.01$ to 10.00$ you get 20% (0.002$ to 2.000$)
• 11.00$ to 50.00$ you get 25% (2.750$ to 12.500$)
• 51.00$ to 100.00$ you get 30% (15.300$ to 30.000$)

When Will I Receive Payment ??

Exactly 7 days after this post was made.


Second time, I'm happy with your contest :)

This is an exploitation of the curation system. Rewards exist to encourage content that attracts an active community. Redirecting rewards without producing anything to merit investment undermines the future of the platform and should be downvoted.

Buying votes with schemes like this undermines the future of this community. If you want to help the whole community and especially minnows, please help curate and share their quality content so it can be properly upvoted as it deserves.

Good post. Thnk to sharing

Ready! too

Excellent Post

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