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I post these everyday,
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Upvoted but I dont understand how the payout works?

Yes, I'd also like to know :)

Well Same here !

Upvoted Thank you

@littlehelper 6x and that was Awesome - thanks for helping us minnows!
I was serious when I asked how to do this for a team (hashtag) community effort, can you share a step by step guide?

I upvoted and resteemed, thanks for helping 👍

tell me


Nice post

Upvoted! My vote is starting to give a little something, thanks to #minnowsupport!

take the money

Upvoted...Thank you so much

Good job.
Carry on

Upvoted :)

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This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Aug 03. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $41.38 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

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No rhymes today. Just going to say thank you.

Upvoted thankyou @littlehelper.


Congratulations @littlehelper! You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new medal(s) :

Upvoted! I feel a little confused by this, yet, I have some faith in the process as others I trust say it's cool.



I hope you do what you say you do.. :) upvoted

upvoted and resteem

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Upvoted and resteemed !

upvoted and reestem my friendship @littlehelper,Please follow back

Thanks @littlehelper. upvoted

I don't understand this...

Done.. upvoted and resteemed..

Hi @littlehelper upvoted, resteemed

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I like those eyes!!! Re-steemited, and upvoted!!!

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I love your job @littlehelper,I will resteem and upvoted this👍


so tell me how long do i have to wait for my money?! LOL :-D