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Hello all,
As people took interest & participated, I'm going to continue this Lottery/Raffle/Giveaway or whatever you will like to call it.


Previous Winner
Congratulations! You win 0.88 SBD


Upvote this post
Comment that you did the above
(Optional) Resteem
That's it!

Winner will be announced within 24 hours from the payout of this post

Invite as many people as you can

Steem On


done i think i will be the lucky one this time

done...........thanks for this contest.

Consider it done!

done. thanks for doing this. :)

Done all
Thank you for this. It's a very nice thing you are doing
Really appreciated

Thank you @krupesh, I am very happy to win.
Though I have upvoted, I'll skip this week to let others try their luck.

upvoted hope i win lol

I will test my luck.

follow,upvote and resteem

Upvoted and nice work

I did upvot, resteem , following and I am commenting. I like the idea of doing these type of easy but fun things. I feel I jump through hoops to join or enter contest on steemit so it is nice to see just a by chance fun contest. Thanks.

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