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Welcome to my FREE DAILY SBD GIVEAWAY January #8


  1. upvote
  2. comment "+1"
    + your comment if you like to
  3. wait until this daily SBD reaches it's payout + max. 1 day until I send your SBD
  4. (optional) resteem for higher visibility and possibly more participants = SBD generated
  5. (optional) follow if you like my posts and want to stay up to date

how does it work?

the amount of SBD generated by this post will be split among the participating people

when get I paid?

you'll get paid in about 7-8 days after this post has started
e.g. you join this daily SBD when it's already 6 days old, your payment should arrive in 1-2 days

you may also want to hop in pending daily SBD $$$ giveaways, just visit my blog.

Thanks for your participation!


26 days since you paid anyone @juicypop. I'd like to play but don't want to upvote something that's not what it's supposed to be.

Please see my reply below and excuse the inconvenience :(

Really? Well hopefully there's an excuse. Start flagging if not.

Yes. Just click on his name and then go to his wallet and you can see.

I hope there is an excuse and have been asking him for some time now with no reply yet he keeps posting the contest. ...anyone know if there is something that could Post the same thing for us everyday while also changing the subject? i.e. could it be automated while he's been gone for almost a month.

I can also see in his wallet that he has not claimed any reward from last 30 days. it means something is wrong. let's hope for the best.

This is totally correct guys, as I'm very busy (unfortunately still :( please excuse) I haven't paid any giveaways since about 5 weeks.

I also haven't claimed the rewards so you all can see your SBD I still there!

By the way I managed today to do my first batched payment, yay!

This means for you guys that I'm now preparing the winners lists and proceed with the payouts.

Please excuse one more time for being so long absent.

It's just a pity that the first ones started to downvote me, so no payouts on this giveaway :(

Welcome back - looking forward to the payments. ....for all my questions, you'll see no downvotes from me. :)

I can understand being busy, I couldn't do my contests 3x in the last week and need to send payouts for a couple days. ...catching up now though.

Good luck.

I'm also catching up slowly, doing a lot of testing with steem python and batching operations

I hope to get things up to date within the next days :)

There could be a bot that just posts content.

Also, he has not posted a picture of Django in a month. His last comment was from 16 days ago. As for myself, I buy a ticket now and then at the lottery @fairlotto - be warned it’s gambing and you could lose. Another one that does something like this is @lucky-elephant. I don’t think the giveaways are everyday.



Good job. By the way, one thing I've noticed there is that there are people trying to promote their own posts with "upvote for upvote" which is IMHO. Upvoting original, high quality content is the proper way to go.

@littleboy ,if you are really that altruistic, why not decline your own payouts? You're so full of shit, I think you are a nig. Defintily you are false, and probabaly brown because of high shit content. Put your money where your mouth is, if you can remove the penis from your mouth you nig-fag....

@littleboy wow...this comment is a little much.I like these free streem posts but do you really think its good content? Come on now with the racial slurs also.

If you are going to police the place, then decline payouts. Powering up and publicly saying "should we nuke this guy next" is being a troll. I justed trolled back to call her out.

His posts make hundreds of dollars for flagging people. You have to see the irony.