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Welcome to my FREE DAILY SBD GIVEAWAY January #14


  1. upvote
  2. comment "+1"
    + your comment if you like to
  3. wait until this daily SBD reaches it's payout + max. 1 day until I send your SBD
  4. (optional) resteem for higher visibility and possibly more participants = SBD generated
  5. (optional) follow if you like my posts and want to stay up to date

how does it work?

the amount of SBD generated by this post will be split among the participating people

when get I paid?

you'll get paid in about 7-8 days after this post has started
e.g. you join this daily SBD when it's already 6 days old, your payment should arrive in 1-2 days

you may also want to hop in pending daily SBD $$$ giveaways, just visit my blog.

Thanks for your participation!










+1 - welcome back.

+1 thanks so much

Hope I'll be among the winners

Everybody gets a share!

+1, it's been a few days @juicypop, nice to see you back!

Do not upvote this, @juicypop does not payout.

I have been payed out on all posts @juicypop has made that I participated in.

Don't lie if you don't know it better I will pay out I'm just short on time the last few weeks

If you'd check my wallet you'd have seen I haven't claimed the awards for all giveaways.

To everyone else: payouts are being prepared, please be a little more patient, thank you!

I received payouts for posts dated December 8-15 earlier today. I stopped upvoting on the 15th for non-payment. Technically he did pay out, about a month behind schedule:

This post has received a 0.15 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @niddumulu.

+1 for my vote
+1 for drotto

i send drotto for upvote your post.
my vote is too low. i hope you will be accept this solution. thx

I can confirm this worked,
as long as you still upvote by yourself and comment the giveaways you're still participating :)


brow, is you profit from this program? or lose you sbd?

The profit is a little steem power which I use to upvote my followers posts, so in theory a win win situation

Just check my rewards and my vote behaviour and you will see :)

yes.. but flagging what happen?

i think still write content, and on end of post make insert your sbd program. this good idea.

heads up!
all free steem post are being targeted by a group of self righteous pricks. their even making some sort of contest to see who can flag the most post.

The people flagging on here were the first adopters...I like these but its definitely not the good content that will push the platform forward..its hard to keep a platform clean when $ is an incentive.

so are you saying that you are not motivated by money in the slightest?
i would venture to say that everyone on steemit, dMania, Utopian or any other steemit community is motivated in some way by the monetary gains, that one is able to achieve in this community. when a group decides to flag a post or focus on nuke flagging a single person that has not violated the basic guidelines and or regulations - nothing illegal, no plagiarism- and cause a loss of rewards feels a lot like theft.

Agree with you my friend :)

Greed is the actual problem here. The early adopters wouldn't be downvoting/flagging anything if they didn't think it was affecting their own bottom line. They would do so much more to further the platform by spending time creating new content rather than destroying new users' accounts and reputations.