free steem giveaway to the upvoters

in freesteem •  2 years ago 


Do you want to get FREE SBD?

Simple giveaway have some simple rules.

All participants entries will validate after follow @dreamshare

All participants should upvote this post.

All participants should resteem this post.

All participants should comment below on comment section ( what you think about this giveaway ).

Amount from this post will equally divide to all participants after 7 days.

If you have any suggestion regarding the giveaway, please let me know in comment section

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Followed!!!, Please Follow Back

Great Post. Followed. Unvoted. Resteemed. Commented. All's done.

Done n_n

I think giveaways need some type of "gimmick" to really take off. Returning the original steem or sbd is fair but everyone is doing it. @radagast gave away 10 sbd, I like the set amount idea. I saw a giveaway where "comment with least votes wins" everyone commented and voted up everyone else's comment. I am thinking up an actual strategy here......