250 Follower Giveaway! 100 Dollars Worth of Steem + 100% Upvote (around ~4.5k SP, for Minnow only)

in #freesteem4 years ago (edited)

Hi! I recently grew to 250 followers which compared to the majority of you is nothing! However, I'm happy with this milestone as I haven't really been posting much until about a week or two ago when I powered up about 700 SP! I'd like to accelerate my growth by hosting this giveaway! Below I will give details on how to enter!

50 Dollars worth of Steem giveaway (upvote (min 25%), resteem and follow me!)

  • Upvote this post for 100%! If your vote gives over $0.50 post rewards, each $0.50 is one entry!
  • Resteem this post
  • Follow me on Steemit
  • In 7 days, I will generate a random number on random.org between 1 and the number of upvotes, if you're that number, I will check if you've followed the relevant steps, if you have, you win 80 dollars worth of Steem!!

50 Dollars worth of Steem giveaway (comment how many you resteemed to)

  • Comment how many people you resteemed to
  • e.g Resteemed: 250
  • Each person you resteem to counts as one entry ticket!
  • In 7 days, I will generate a number between 1 to the total number of people resteemed to, if your resteem is the number it generates, you win!
  • I will check that your followers is close to the amount of entries you put in

100% Upvote comp (for minnows (under 250SP and under 45 rep) only!)

  • Include in your comment a post you are proud of!
  • e.g Resteemed: 100, (insert post here)
  • I will read through your post in 7 days!
  • I will create a shortlist of a few people's posts that I like
  • I will go through the blog of the people shortlisted to ensure you have CONSISTENTLY good content, not just one or two nice blogs
  • A winner will be announced and I'll follow you, 100% upvote your LATEST post and feature your post in my winner announcements post!

Changed the rules a little: if your vote gives over $0.50, each $0.50 will count as 1 entry!

Resteemed to: 1431 followers.

Resteemed: 648
Already a follower.
100% up-voted.
Congratulations on your milestone and good luck with the delegation. I wish I had enough to delegate to you, but I'm way short of that amount. But I'm over 250 SP, and 45 rep. so don't qualify for the last part of your contest.

If you'd like, you can suggest this to any minnows from your weekly giveaway or zombie games you think are worthy of a nice boost! I remember being a minnow just a few months ago before I made money from trading crypto to be able to afford powering up and leasing SP, and it was hard getting noticed as a small fish in a big ocean!!

I remember being a minnow just a few months ago

Are you no longer a minnow? Minnow STARTS at around 500 SP and goes to ?? before you become a dolphin.

I just BECAME a minnow not long ago. It took me 8 months to get to the minnow stage! I wonder how long it will take to become a dolphin?

Yesterday morning I was looking at prices of Steem internally and externally and just between those 2, you could make a gain of around 3% instantly! Just buy Steem internally and flip it externally for instant earnings! Then use the profit to buy MORE internally! Or for those who have lots of SBD, sell that externally and buy a ton of Steem with it internally!

I've bought a lot of steem with my profits from reading trading and have about 750 sp plus around 2600 leased from minnowbooster!

I have no idea what it takes to become a dolphin. What does the Steemit Board Of Honor show for you? Until recently, it showed a red fish in a bowl for me. Now it shows a minnow.

Honestly not sure! I'm assuming though since I have 4.5k sp altogether I'm probably not a minnow, at least I don't consider myself to be! However, technically I could still be.

I'm assuming it takes 500 SP to become a minnow, 5,000 SP to become a dolphin and 50,000 SP to become a whale. It is actually based on VESTS, so the SP is only approximates.

ahhhh, i see!!
I always thought minnow just meant a beginner, like 10-100 SP kinda thing, I had no idea minnows meant 500-5000SP!!

But yeah, if there are any new comers you think that may be interested in this, share it to them! It's a great opportunity to win a lot of Steem + exposure!!

Resteemed: 159 https://steemit.com/contest/@ivrmakers/inspired-eggs
Followed you.
100% upvoted.

Resteem: 73

Resteem: 23

thank you for being the first valid entry into both contests!

please read the post to give a valid entry

Just resteemed to two hundred fifty Steemians for you.


As a bonus, I shared it to my twitter and Sola account for you too.



Resteemed: 235

I haven’t posted much this last week so I don’t have an entry in the last contest but I think your accomplishment is awesome!!!

Upvoted and resteemed.

Resteemed 266

Resteemed: 534
Thanks for the opportunity!

Resteemed to 479, upvoted %100 and followed. Congrats :D isn’t steemit awesome? :) thanks

Upvoted. My upvote gives only $0.05, sorry about that ! :D
I am already a follower.
Resteemed too.

Good luck with this !
Grow fast and become a whale for us ! :D

Resteemed: 659
Already a follower.
100% up-voted.
Congratulations on your milestone and good luck with the delegation.


Resteemed: 77
100% up-voted

Resteemed to 1440
Yes that looks like a large number , but I really don't know how many of them are active.

Resteemed: 41
Upvoted 100%

Congratulations on 250!

Upvoted, resteemed to 535 and hoping to win some :-)

WOW Congrats with your milestone.

Resteemed: 1200+
Followed you
100% up-voted.

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