The SBD Gift #0016: Do You Have Over 500 Steem Power? Check The Sponsors Area

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• Four Major Ways To Earn On Steemit (+ a secret way to earn more)

by @abasinkanga (1 day old)

• Post-Crawler: The Gem-Post Finder List #4

by @abasinkanga (3 days old)

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I am giving away all the SBD earned from this post.

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The SBD Gift news updates:
(sbd14-24th Aug) Promo offer: Promoting your post in the sponsors area is now 0.1SBD no longer 1 SBD. Take advantage of this promo offer
(sbd12-22nd Aug) Coming soon: Sponsors area SBD hunt. We are planning a search and find game in the sponsors area, where winners could win up to 1 SBD daily... Its still in the pipelines. Will keep you all posted.
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I just upvoted and following your post.I appreciate you if you also follow and upvoted my posts @rizwankhan


Received. Your post link will be put up in the sponsors area in the next sbd gift post. Thank you!

Thank you but i will be glad if u can help me resteem it

I'm on my PC now @abasinkanga, and I've just


This post

Thanks for your support ! It means a lot.

In your comment on MY post, you said this was 'a gift', so that I came here, clicked on it, and upvoted.
What is 'the gift'?
It Looks as if I am supposed to get more upvotes from it.
What is the deal?
Please explain.

The gift is the SBD steem dollars earned from this post u upvoted that is shared with all upvoters when this post pays out.

For example if 100 people upvote this post and the post earns 10sbd, then 0.1sbd will be shared with all upvoters equally

sponsored Coffee Time Meditation #2 -- Aug. 27th

I like the series this newbie @pathtosuccess has started and would like to encourage it.

Wow! I commented on the #1, i think... The one i read was on experience... Real solid quotes @pathtosuccess posts...

Ok. The post will be put up on in the sponsors area for the next edition of the sbd gift.
Thanks for supporting the sbd gift by being a sponsor. I appreciate it very much!

my pleasure. Something tells me that @pathtosuccess is off to a good start.

Thats good. With good support i see him recording great success in a short time

upvoted and resteemed

Upvoted and resteemed

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