The time is now! We must shift to decentralized uncensorable platforms.

in freespeech •  2 years ago

The time has come to leave sites like Reddit, Voat, Twitter, Facebook and the rest! We should no longer use platforms which support agendas, censor content, ban users, or anything that impinges freedom of speech.

Where will we go?

There are a number of solutions out there but unfortunately only a few that really solve the problem completely.

Sites like, and use their own Blockchain to hold their data — this is great but is susceptible to hostile take over, as these sites do not actively encourage the sharing and strengthening of their network (as far as I am aware).

Sites like, and offer a way to insert messages into the Bitcoin Blockchain — which is a network shared by thousands and is backed by a market value similar to that of the entire Silver market (Current Bitcoin market cap: $15,400,920,154 [1฿ = $958.27]). This utilises the strength of the Bitcoin network to combat any potential take overs (although in theory it is possible to take over the Bitcoin network - but if that was to happen we would be living in a very different world than we are today).

Other approaches can also be seen - such as — which harnesses Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network to offer a peer-to-peer system without any central server, allowing for uncensorable websites, similar to Tor onion sites ( — which also cannot be censored or removed.

Technologies such as NNTP ( have been utilised with projects like NNTPChan ( — which is a completely decentralized message board platform. There are a few popular sites using the tech — 2hu-ch being the main one — This is probably the best solution currently and the the community actively promotes the creation of nodes to strengthen the network.

I think we will see a rise in decentralised services as this is the only real way to combat censorship.

What do you think?

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I think you are absolutely correct on this matter. I am surprised there has not been more done to make everything in media encrypted.

Sorry but don't have any steem tokens yet. Will get back to you.



Great to know that you feel strongly about this too. Feel free to rewrite and repost- you have a better way with words and a large following so maybe we can reach more readers and start a movement! ;)


Thanks for that! I'll see....

Please post this on voat too. I would use the pizzagatewhatever sub and Pizzagate sub. Because sometimes the mods will delete it in the pizzagate sub if it's not direct Pizzagate evidence. So I would do both.