Open Letter To Governor Noem

in #freemason2 months ago

(In response to her defeating Amendment A which keeps recreational cannabis illegal in Worst Dakota)

Dear Kristi,

If you are familiar with the Free and Accepted Masons of this world - I am The Hidden Master. In the North end of every legitimate lodge on this planet is a chair permanently reserved for me. One of the confirmation tokens from my initiation was an 1898 Indian Head penny recovered by XXXX of Yankton, SD. I believe you have spoken with XXXX at the City Of Yankton directly on multiple occasions. XXXX's wife XXXX was practically my sister growing up.

Hebrews 13:2 gives us a stark warning on how to treat strangers. It reminds us to treat strangers with kindness, because we may be entertaining angels unaware. It also warns us of the “eternal” consequences we may face if we violate their natural rights, endowed from our same Creator, and show no evidence of remorse or guilt (aka sociopath, or psychopath).

I possess the natural religious right, endowed by my Creator and protected by the 1st Amendment, to climb to the top of a mountain, consume the cannabis plant (or any other plant God has gifted us) however and whenever I wish, and spend as much time in prayer with The Sovereign Creator as I want. So long as I don't cause harm to others, or violate anyone else’s legal rights - As a classical deist (Thomas Paine, etc.) - I can exercise that right in brazen defiance of the law as often as I want, and do so.

Every deist's mind is their own church, and every classical deist's rites and rituals are part of their own living tribute to The Sovereign Creator, as a humble show of gratitude, that He would take His time to blow His breath of life into my person. When I am meditating on cannabis or psilocybin with the heart to understand The Sovereign Creator, and where my voluntary service to others will take me next, and what skills I need to improve in order to accomplish that mission - I pray for anyone to initiate force against me for exercising this sacred right, and I do my very best to prove that those in law enforcement, and the court officers, act without any evidence of regret or guilt when they do so.

I've been doing this for 8 years as part of my Masonic duty, and have constructed quite a dossier on a lot of people for The Creator to review. If you understand Hebrews 13:2 - you'll understand why that is important: when every single person responsible for the harm (lawyers, cops, judges, voters, politicians) stands before God in judgment. God does not like sociopaths. There must be justice, God's very character demands it. It's allegorically encoded in the natural laws of the physical sciences, as only an Absolute Master Of His Arts and Crafts could manifest.

Freemasonry welcomes people of all faiths. We all leave politics and religion at the door. While my Christian or Muslim brothers may not agree with my ceremonies or rituals, the way I pray, or how I engage in living prayer with The Sovereign Creator day after day on my own personal journey home to God from Clown World - they certainly respect my work, and my ability to reach my hand out in good-faith to voluntarily work with anyone who wants to make our communities better, regardless of their race, their creed, their sex, their religion, or even if they’re aliens from the Planet Poptart.

While I certainly don't wish young people (or anyone) to abuse any substance - I also understand the factors which lead them to do so, and I believe the best thing we can do to prevent drug abuse is to create a society in which real life has so many opportunities to learn and grow that our progeny have no will to escape, via substance abuse, from the absolute Clown World horror that political parties and corporate religions have wrought upon this land. The Amish figured that out a long time ago. Go and ask them how God has blessed them during the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll understand why when you listen, and that's not because I grew up in a Mennonite Brethren church. Look at their brotherhood. That’s how “masters build together” in masonic allegory.

We can not tolerate any further, as a people, threatening or utilizing force and violence against strangers in furtherance of our political or social objectives. Hebrews 13:2 is a perfect example of why. Why do you think God is allowing America to be destroyed right now? Why do you think His brightest angels are on the sideline?

Once we begin to treat strangers like we would treat the most powerful archangels if they visited, and we only threaten or use force and violence against them when there is (1) a victim(s), (2) evidence of harm or legal injury "in fact", and (3) evidence the defendant's actions are fairly traceable to the harm or legal injury - America can once again open the door for God to return and heal our land, and obliterate this pandemic.

The Sovereign Creator is knocking, Kristi. Can you hear Him at your door? Why would you continue to hold the door shut on Him, and then gloat like you are upholding something more sacred? You, your courts, and your officers have trampled my 1st Amendment rights to practice my religion, and then you boast to uphold the very laws you stab directly in the back. You have all spit in my face when confronted, and have ignored my honest questions as to the moral validity of your cause of action against me. And, in doing so, you have all spit in the face of God, and every Free and Accepted Mason.

How long will America suffer because the political majority of this country has no moral will to toss aside its childish idols, and embrace voluntaryism as God's only path to complete reconciliation and healing? The Amish are already doing it. We can raise our barn (societal structure) with hydraulics, electricity, and the best damn engineers on the planet.

So long as you all hold the door closed on Him, it will only get worse. You know why. Will you display the courage necessary to admit it, and correct it? Or will you help it to get worse?

Have a nice day.

Brent Russ
King Of The North
The Hidden Master

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