Kim Jong-un & Trumps Masonic spectacular - Theater for the masses (Video)

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today I wanted to talk about trumps war rhetoric, in light of freemasonry. The fact of the matter is, whether Trump forces the US to take action against North korea or not, the north Korean leader seems to be playing the tune in tandem to the rhetoric of the mainstream media... why else would they fire a rocket over Japan in the midst of all of this North Korean hysteria? if that dosnt tell you that he is in on the game right there, you probably have not looked at this hard enough.

Kim jung un is a freemason with diplomatic ties to the Rothschild. This should also help explain why there is an abundance of freemasonic symbols embedded within north korean architecture. Most notably, the 333 meter high,pyramid shaped, Ryugyong Hotel, which was built by an egyptian company with ties to the previous CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, who visited north Korea on a few occasions. I mean, one should really ask what buisness google has in north korea,right? Most freemasons will claim that there is no Freemasons in North korea, but some are willing to concede. According to the freemason dot com,which is a freemasonic forum, they claim that "Freemasonry in Korea did begin in mines that are now in the Area called North Korea. The oldest lodge here in South Korea began there in 1908. It is Hanyang Lodge #1048, on the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland." They also claim that the existing three Scottish lodges in South Korea and the one lodge under charter by the grand Lodge of the Philippines, has a history of conflict with japan.

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