Transforming environments, back to the original design!

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From a very small time I always had the dream of changing the world, of being a transformer of environments, I remember those comics where always the superheroes defeated the villains, where the evil did not triumph, but the good vencia in any way.

In this photo I am with some of my friends in the community of Cambalache, a place that I have shared on this site, since we got there we saw too much need, hunger, and illnesses.

But I believe that in each of us is the power to transform environments.

An environment is a place where people, plants and animals live and coexist, a place destined for the evolution and growth of humanity. Originally each environment has a design already established, an order, as well as water is H2O so every thing has a perfect composition that creates a favorable environment for life.

But what happens when the environments are broken and messy?


You can see in this picture a child, you can see behind him, the place where he lives. What do they think when they see it? Do you think he deserves this? They believe that the rich, they are rich simply because they studied, and they are poor because they did not study?. To think this way is wrong, they are that way because for generations we have altered the environment and the system, we have lived in a constant struggle of power, a hunger for power that is never satiated, we have dedicated ourselves to hate before we love, we have stolen and Removed the little tapeworm, the balance of life has been broken from the beginning. And our hearts turn to this callous. Indolent, and we think that they simply deserve it for not studying?

We need to examine the roots of our existence!


I invite you to join the Foundation @littledisciples from Venezuela



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I am thankful to see agents of change like youthat are transforming themselves, those around them, and the environment with love :)


Oh thanks my friend life is beautiful there a sound of freedom and love in every step you give, you are also agent of change!