First Snapshot Date Announced! Smart Drops for KPOP and FoodD incoming!

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We’ve been telling you about it and its finally here! The first two communities coming out of our RocketX accelerator program are getting ready to launch, and we are starting with a Smart Drop of 20 million tokens each - Hold FREEX by Sunday May 19, 2019 @ 0100 UTC to participate!

Did someone say....


As we have previously announced, FreedomEx has released an open-source version of the steemit condenser, our RocketX condenser which will allow any SCOT token community that has the SCOTBOT working to distribute their tokens via their own customized front-end site. This is just one ingredient in the RocketX accelerator program, which includes condenser hosting and token listing, as well as more yet to be announced.

Be sure to follow @freedomex for more information and feel free to come into our Discord to learn more about how the RocketX accelerator program can help your project!


Two new communities are going to be starting soon, KPOP and FoodD, and we are going to get things started with a Smart Drop to all FREEX holders. Although we do have staking enabled, we will not be enforcing staking for benefits until after May 31st, so don’t worry, just holding FREEX in your STEEM account is enough, and for each FREEX you do hold during our snapshot, you will receive 1 KPOP and 1 FOODD token.

These communities will use stake based distribution like STEEM, and will incentivize content related to Korean Pop Music and Cooking and Recipes, respectively. We will have a lot more information coming about these two projects, but if you want to get in on the ground floor, all you need to do is hold some FREEX in time for our first Smart Drop Snapshot - Sunday May 19, 2019 @ 0100 UTC!



The PRICE of each FREEX token is currently set at 1 STEEM. Until May 14th, each purchase of FREEX through our website or by sending STEEM directly to @freex-bot with the memo: ‘FreeX Token Purchase’ will be issued the following bonus amounts to their STEEM wallets.



FREEX token is central to our exchange, and will offer significant benefits to holders and stakers. Apart from being a main trading pair on our exchange, those staked FREEX tokens will receive distributions from our Success Share Pool, into which will go 75% of the trading fees generated by the exchange activity.

We will also have a free and reduced trading fee program integrated into the staking of FreeX token. Our earliest adopters were able to achieve free trading by having and maintaining only 1500 FreeX tokens, and for the month of May each account with 2000 or more FreeX can achieve this status for as long as they maintain that amount. In the future the staking total to achieve free trading status will continue to increase.

Trading fees start after our Steem Token Sale closes on May 31st.


IMG credit: @elgeko

We are also giving away a 100 dollar gift card for every 25 entries we get in our drawing; for each 50 FreeX purchased a buyer will get one entry into our drawing, and multiple entries will be rewarded on larger purchases (though not counting bonus tokens).


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안녕하세요 freedomex님

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Amazing news! 😎🙏 FreedomEx to the Moon! 🚀

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