Are You More Conscious Than a Flea? What Training Fleas Teaches Us About How Schools/Religions Break A Child's Spirit.

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I'm sure that most of us would like to think that we are more intelligent, aware and able than a common flea - yet the following videos show how on some level it may be the case that we are not and that the fleas have something to teach!

Flea Circus! No, Really!


Numerous people throughout the ages have enjoyed training fleas to perform tricks and feats - which is the origin of the idea of the 'flea circus' where people would come to watch trained fleas for their amusement. This might seem absurd to many of us, but it is a real 'thing', I assure you! Check out the following trained fleas if you just can't accept this as a reality:

Training Fleas

As is outlined in the next video, there are some fascinating aspects to flea behaviour - for example, if you put fleas in a jar with a lid and leave them for several days, they will change their jumping height to match the lid and will not jump higher than the lid if the lid is then removed. In fact, they will never jump higher than the lid AND this may be passed on to their offspring (pun intended)!

Humans are being trained to be limited in similar ways!

It is a sad reality that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, humans have been heavily controlled in covert ways and the controllers learned long ago that to be most effective the control must begin with children. Therefore, schools and religious institutions (among others) sought to break the will and spirit of children such that they would never live beyond the limits placed on them - just as with the fleas. In fact, this training can be so effective that they will also train their children to be the same and potentially even pass on genetics that place the same limits in the children before they are even born.

The controllers have usually not applied the same limitations to their own children and thus they may retain their positions at the top of the artificial power hierarchies we see today on Earth.

Here, John Taylor Gatto explains how he came to learn of this and how he realised that as a teacher, he had been trained to break the wills of children to keep them limited and controlled:

So there you go, your teachers were probably not your friend and as Terrence Mckenna would say "Culture is not your friend" either!

Are you ready to reach beyond the lid of your own jar? :)

Got Comments?

Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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It's an interesting analogy. I've often wondered what goes on in elite schools and how their education differs.


I have never attended an 'elite' school, but from what I understand, some of them are literally taught that they are superior beings. That said, some are also totally controlled too - but to a different level, so that they will still be subservient, but only to a very small group directly, rather than to become disempowered in a more general way.


That would make sense. They certainly come across as thinking they are superior. They also have an ability to articulate well combined with broad knowledge and debating skills, which can make them appear quite intimidating, but in reality they are as vulnerable as the rest of us. Understanding that can help to bring them down to earth a bit. Play your own game and don't try to beat them at theirs.


It is the conformity to rules that is a weak point - since logic can be used to win where imbalance is being inserted, yes. The real problem though is what occurs outside of public scrutiny since many have no scruples whatsoever.

Good post..please follow me beck.

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Great analogy.

I missed those classes, lucky me :-)

Without actually watching the videos and just reading the post, limited time right now, but let me say this:
You are correct As far as what has been going on in society today as well as through out history.
The goal is and always has been , to control the masses of people, whether by a religion or a belief in an ideology created to control the thought process of society, being the average human.
Your either part of the elite, under their control and paid well to conform or part of the evil terrorist against their agendas.
It's just history repeating itself. I've been saying civil war is inevitable, the country is devided, the government is pushing for more of it, those that were elected lied, SURPRISE!
I would say people have been more like a beaten dog. Whimpering in the corner, afraid and scared if it's own shadow.
But there are still those who, as history shows, will stand up and fight for their beliefs.
Again, history is about to repeat itself.

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