Wikipedia Two Live-Streaming Events: Influencing The World Toward Open Knowledge, Discussion & Freedom

in freedom •  2 years ago

Wikipedia foundation just had a live streaming of conversations about the future of free information. Here are the links on youtube. It was interesting hearing about freedom of speech on the second one, and on the first, strategies for spreading freedom and knowledge to as many as possible—to everyone. How can we or Wikipedia do this technologically, socially, language-wise and in non-partisan and non-biased ways? Everyone needs a voice and to some extent that happens on Wikipedia.

One example I heard was about an oppressed people whose story needed to be honestly told over time and Wikipedia was place that can happen. Also there are thousands of languages and so many are only verbal, so how do we address this and allow their story to be told.

Wikipedia is a really amazing grassroots foundation, significantly influencing the world and providing knowledge. We can all learn a lot from this organization and its members. Many related people and contributors spoke about a common interest in and strategies for reaching more people and giving that knowledge which increases freedom and opportunity. There seemed to be a consensus and much discussion around, continuing and maybe taking on a more active role in positively affecting the world.

Freedom of Speech means everyone has ideas and opinions, and by embracing open discussion, we can become a better, more understanding world. Each needs a voice and access to knowledge and this is still far away for many people.

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