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Anarchism - root Anarchy - the state of no authority, the refusal to recognize authority. Anarchism is a source of fear, not love. Love respects others, anarchy considers all others beneath it. Anarchism is not good, but it is outrageous.


No authority and no ruler means only one thing : no accepted initiation of force.

If anarchism invokes fear in you, I strongly suggest you find out more about it!

actually I am an anarchist...or at least I've been called one many times.

Sorry if I sounded rude, but I started to perceive your way of asking as somewhat condescending. It is possible that I was just being too sensitive there...

ME? condescending?

I'll be happy to discuss. Just took a look at your blog and the truth is that we would actually agree on most things... as far as I can see. Now it is very late here in the southern hemisphere. I need to sleep. Tomorrow I will check if you actually found something interesting in what I write. My first article on freedom and control for example. The only difference I myself could spot so far in our views is that mine are not purely materialistic. I think that's also the part that put you off about my post in the first place. That would be a great subject for a conversation, Indeed. You have a good day!

I look forward to meeting you again on the field of verbal combat.

As much as I like your quiz, the whole point of the sentence in my original post is to show my way of defining anarchism in a new, thought provoking way. If you dig it, great. If not, fantastic!

Ok...if you don't want to discuss it that's fine.