Quit All Her Previous Jobs 'Cause They Didn't Let Her Wear Flip Flops At Work 🤷😎✌️

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You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage to say no, pleasantly, smilingly, unapologetically to other things. - Steven Covey

Well I said 'no' to business uniforms not too long ago.

It may sound ridiculous that wearing flip flops at work has become one of my top priorities in life, but if you just think about it for a second, then you'll quickly realize that it's actually a symbol of living up my personal freedom.

I remember the day one of my ex bosses sent me home in my lunch break, telling me that he wouldn't go ahead working with me in the afternoon if I didn't changed my clothes immediately.

Guess what, I wasn't even wearing flip flops that day :-)

I perfectly remember that I wore a dark blue polo shirt with the logo of the company, some olive green Bermuda shorts and loafers. I think his main problem were the loafers.

In front of a couple of other colleagues he started to disapprovingly looking me over, saying:

Seriously? You come to this office believing you're one of these cool surfers now?

I felt embarrassed.

One hour later I had changed myself, now wearing a long-sleeved white blouse with the logo of the company, some long-legged, light blue colored dress pants and dark brown leather shoes.

Beads of sweat rolled around my neck. The thermometer showed 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) that day and I terribly missed my summery morning outfit.

I knocked on the door of the executive's office, wanting to inform my boss that I was back at work. Trying to avoid any further discussions on my outfit, I just quickly held my head into the office saying 'hello', planning to not even step into the room.

But of course now he wanted to fully glory in his victory.

Oh wait, let me see how you do look like!

I stepped into the office and stopped in front of his desk, standing there like a complete idiot, waiting for his rating as if we were part of a casting show.

Look! Now you're the beautiful girl I want you to be.

I won't ever forget this situation, because it was so terribly embarrassing. It immediately stirred up a strong desire to be my own boss and shit on dress codes for the rest of my life.

@surfermarly at her daily routine (you didn't know I'm a farmer? well now you do :-))

Freedom has many faces

My definition of freedom is living the life I want.

Only few weeks after the above described situation I quit my job and started working with my dad.

Funny enough his first words when offering me the position were:

We have no dress code at work.

We both break into laughter! What a great moment :-)

It's quite luxurious and comfortable to arrive at a certain point where you can say that you're exactly there were you want to be.

Yet, everything in life comes with a price tag - even flip flops :-)

Wearing flip flops at work means that you're supposedly not working in a management position of a big company quoted on the stock exchange, that you're furthermore not starting out with a seven-digit annual salary and also propably not calling a Porsche your company car.

But well... who know's, maybe you're going to be exactly there in a couple of years with your own business - and no dress code.

I never regretted my decision, because it was consistent with my priorities.

Wearing flip flops at work definitely means to me that I'm doing what the hell I want to do with my life.

@surfermarly's 'dress code' at work :-)

Manage priorities, not time

If you know where your priorities are, then you're always going to be on the right path.

To clearly prioritize means to know and respect your values.

Overcoming certain temptations no matter how attractive they might be, sometimes simply means being consistent with your own self-concept and philosophy.

Prioritize yourself, and you'll never be running out of time in your life again.

Happiness means that you can't always do what you want, but that you always want what you do. - Leo Tolstoi

Now go out and get yourself some flip flops :-)

Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador
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Aaaaaaw, @done!! I've missed your positive vibes over here :-) Thanks a lot for your kindness!

To me you're Steem handle is equivalent to hero and I'll never ever forget what you did for macksby 6 months ago. These type of actions are the very reason I am part of this community, I just love to see people empowered by Steem or crypto in general.

Have a wonderful day and keep being awesome :-)

I believe that knowing what you hope to achieve is essential to setting priorities and creating a fuller and more peaceful life, many people do not realize the power to seek results or even know what results they expect.

Wow, you're a great writer. I love this! I said "no" to business uniforms also. About 4 years ago.

Actually, I said no to 70-hour work weeks, not enough lunch breaks, micromanagement and being trapped in a small room all day long.

I still have 70-hour work weeks...

...but at least I'm trying to do my own dang thing. And sometimes, I don't even make it into flip-flops. Sometimes I just stay barefoot, because my feet like to be free.

It's been a crazy journey. It's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, insecurity and thrills. I no longer have a stable income. Some months I made more than I used to at my job.

Some months I made almost nothing.

But I keep on pushing because I'm a little crazy and even though I've learned to say no to what I don't want...sometimes I don't take no for an answer haha. I always try to find a way to make something work. If it doesn't, then maybe I'm knocking on the wrong door.

Anyway, can I ask what kind of work you do with your dad? The gardening?

I'd love to have a garden again if I would just settle down in one place long enough lol.

I'm in Bali at the moment. Anyway, LOVE this post!


Barefoot is my preferred method as well :D


Except in places with fireants haha I'm so allergic it's pathetic


Wow, what a nice comment! Thanks a lot for the insights @nomadicsoul.

You pretty much summed it up here:

Actually, I said no to 70-hour work weeks, not enough lunch breaks, micromanagement and being trapped in a small room all day long.

If I considered Steem being my second job, then I'd definitely reach those 70 hours, too. But it's as you said: if you do what you love, it's a completely different story.

And to answer your question: My dad and I are running a hot pepper seeds production :-) We've got three of these green houses, fully packed with plants.

Again, thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy Bali (been there recently, too) :-)


What kind of hot peppers? My hubbie loves hot peppers, but this seemed to be a bad year in our area for peppers in general.


Thanks for your nice response also! Wow, your dad sounds like an awesome guy!!

I love the entrepreneurial spirit! And I love that it's combined with something healthy and good for the soul like gardening outdoors (or greenhouses...kind of like the outdoors).

Proud of you Marly. Last year I quit my corporate job because I felt like a freaking slave in the uniform and of course that monotonous silence in the office space. It was humiliating at times seeing myself working like a robot.

Now I create awesome content on Steemit in my pajamas. I have calls with my clients without even caring how I look like because they wouldn't judge. :') Haha.

Don't need that porsche. I need the Flip Flops. 😎

BTW nice chilli garden. \m/


Haha, I totally love this comment and your story! Can even feel the positivity oozing out of it :-)

Not saying that corporate jobs are per se a bad choice, but it's important that we don't ever debase ourselves - just because we think it's the way it has to be.

Live it up in those pajamas! :-D


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Aaaaaw, how sweet is that?! :-)
Thank you very much for the mention @freedomtribe!

Had the same at my job actually wearing my fivefingers. My manager didn't like them and thought I couldn't wear them while going to a customer. Always arguing about it, but I'm stubborn and every customer always liked it. The shoes always brake the ice while visiting a new customer.

Till that day I was at a customers office waiting for a coffee at the restaurant (together with my manager). There was one of the CEO's of my company knocking on my shoulder that he loved how he found out that I stay close to being myself (wearing my fivefingers) while visiting a customer. I looked at my manager and I'll never forget that face! Since that day my manager never complained anymore about the fivefingers. That was the best kick I could give at his ass without becoming violence 🤣

Those managers shouldn't be a manager at all. You need to manage results not what people need to wear to the office. Note to this, when you need certain clothes for safety measurements than you always need to wear those of course!

Damn proud at other surfers which stay as cool and choose for the freedom of the wind to wear what and whenever they want! Hang loose and keep on wearing those flipflops

Edit: there was an enter that ruined my pos


Haha, what a cool story!!! Love it! :-)
And you nailed it: it's the results that count, not how you get there.

Hang loose!
Oh btw: had my very best windsurfing session ever today :-))


Your very best windsurfing session I noticed your post about it! Will react there. Kinda busy at work with some downtime at customers so running behind my reply's sorry for that 😔

I wish I have the gut too... I guess maybe it's some signals to me too... To make some tough decisions in my life... I haven't been able to make the call yet... I am not a risk taker, but I think I need to change this...

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You are your own best advisor :-)
Be careful with the decisions that don't make you smile.

That's my formula: THINK - FEEL - ACT

Best of luck! :-)

Woow, What a beautiful write up !! Every time I read such posts I feel like quitting my job but then I get to worry about my future when I withdraw. l literally I know it is fear inside of me, nevertheless with all these beautiful experiences shared I become free some day ... Nice flipflops marly


Haha, thanks! :-))

Well sometimes not quitting is the better option you know. Freedom ultimately means that you're able to make your own choices - independently if it's pro or against a specific commitment.

You gonna find the right path, I'm pretty sure :-)
Have a great day!

Encouraging story that is! I had to smile all along. It's the right thing to do when a boss is not respecting you. When things cannot be changed within a company it's useless to stay.

I think I am a sister in spirit on this.

Reminds me on my boss many years ago who wanted me to wear a mini skirt at a fair. I already was wearing the blazer (with the famous company logo on it! A huge one!) and told him that I will put on pants but no skirt. He couldn't do anything about it (other than firing me).

One afternoon when I packed my things to get ready for home he asked me why I never did late hours in the office. I asked him: "So, would you like me to do late hours just for your pleasure and because you'd delighted to see me hard working? I think I am doing a good job already and won't just sit here around pretending I am busy."

The year I left the company he wasn't paying me Christmas bonus but did so to all other employees. I was pretty aggravated and demanded that I as well would like to have my bonus. He answers: "Yeah, but you are leaving. And that bonus is for motivation for the coming year." I told him I believed it's for the work performed for the expired year and that I find it not fair to lose on that. I was not leaving his office until he finally gave in and gave me half the bonus. Actually, he was right and I was wrong, I found out later. :)

Really like that you work with your dad and run a garden with peppers! What a good work to "dirty" your hands and feet. Flip-flops are just perfect.


Chapeau, so you got 50% of the bonus even though it was actually not part of the contract. Awesome!
Thanks for your detailed comment and for providing such a deep insight. It's fascinating how many have apparently experienced similar situations in business.

Sharing these stories with each other is kind of a relief, isn't it? :-)

Again thanks for stopping by! Have a great day @erh.germany


Yes, a relief! Sharing stories of getting out of a misery and finding something more fitting we all appreciate.

And another thing I was taught as well: Even when one actually is wrong about the legalities one can turn things by negotiation. There often is a difference between the actual law and the felt morals. For my former boss and me that meant both of us were not sure about the law (I think I even didn't have a contract) but handled the issue just between the two of us. I like negotiations a lot. :)

You too have a great day, Marly.

Freedom is one of the most important values in life. I can only imagine your feelings as well as those of your boss.

I personally never want to feel either feelings, though I think I understand the pleasure your boss achieved by dominating you this way.

I have always been proud of you and deeply amazed how much you were able to break out of the chains that are being thrown over everyone neck by life and the society we life in.

You are one of my big role model when it comes to living free and following your values. It is such a beautiful thing and one of a few key things about you that have always made me adore you!

Much love!


Aaaaaw, @knircky! You just made my day - once more, hehe :-)))
Thank you. I'm grateful for the chance given to tell my stories on this blockchain and to go and try to motivate others to live the life they deserve.

Big hugs back, hoping that you're having a great day! xxx

@surfermarly thanks for motivating us, excellent piece of post you have done, keep writing..


Thank you, @dotfee! I'm glad you enjoyed the read :-)


@surfermarly thank you for your support

Maybe the shorts were the ones that bothered him for some strange reason. I would have kicked him in the butt, if I were in your position. It tunred out alright for you now, though!


I was wearing those shorts for weeks and he didn't say a word... It was just random reprehension.

Me leaving the company from one day to another was much more painful for him than any kick in the butt could've been :-))


You think? I bet he would remember that kick. This would come as cherry on the cake, when you left one day to another . :-))


Haha, I'm generally not so much into physical violence...:-)

Awesome post @surfermarly. This post resonates with me on so many levels. It's one of the reasons I decided to work for myself and start ADAPT Network. 🤙


Good to see the other side of @surfermarly the serfer queen.....never knew she has a farming background too...👍 freedom at work...seems everyone on steemit are pissed corporate worker who have left their jobs to be themselves....really it would be awesome if. Companies allow us to be ourself rather than to dictate their rules and binding our freedom....but we only need to make our freedom possible by being ourself and taking all important decision at the right time....
Btw..what would you choose your steemit name if you not doing surfing??

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Seek freedom and happiness will follow. That's what we need. Gosh, I love wearing flip flops and comfy summer outfits too. 😊

Nice post. That's my dream to quite my job and freelance writer for #steemit and do photography.


I'm so glad walmart went more lenient on the dress code. It's the only place around here that you can have a stable job at, but trying to find maternity clothes that fit the code was horrible when I had 2 of my children! I mean navy polo shirts and khakis. Good luck finding the appropriate clothes when walmart wasn't even carrying maternity clothes for our area at the time. I may love the people I work with, but my ultimate goal is to be able to work from home in my greenhouse and gardens. Our little hobby farm may not make a profit yet, but between egg sales, hay sales, and bunny meat... we're taking a step in the right direction. Once we install a few more greenhouses and gardens, plus expand our berry patch with quantity and variety I think we'll get there. And yes I wear flip flops or sandals in my gardens :D


Tho I prefer being barefoot most of the time!

Wow. It's my biggest dream to someday- hopefully soon, quit my job. Where I'm from, living such a dream is like using a wooden sword to fight a dragon. I do have high hopes though. Maybe steemit would be the key i have been looking for. Who knows?. Great post @sufermarly.

I am 100% agree what you say... and I think this same all day .
"My definition of freedom is living the life I want."
At the same time, I say to myself,... own little and see as much as possible.

Awesome post, and great rules to live by. I mad the rule of no ties required at work years ago. Not quite flip-flops... but baby steps I guess :)

wow, what a disgustingly acting boss you had! So good you quit, thank you for that and for sharing your strength! We cannot go around pleasing others and undermine our true selves!

Wow, that is so true. Whenever I had to work for a so called boss for a so called paycheck in order to make a so called living, I was getting sick. Really sick, because that was not what I wanted to do and I saw people around me who felt the same but forced themselves to carry on. Thus I decided to quit on that way of life :)