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Starve The Beast

The monetary system is a zombie, it's dead but still walking.
This is getting worse as officials and executives become more desperate.

  • Fake News is corporate sponsored and government protected...
  • Military Industrial Complex grows as economies shrink and suffer...
  • Instead of a living wage there are slave wages...
  • Central Banks use unlimited digital currency creation to prop up institutional investment funds...

Self Govern or be Governed by others

“Free people don’t want to be governed from the left, right, or center;
free people want to govern themselves”

WE the People are the solution we have been searching for.

Indeed, when masses of people ban together in a grassroots effort to boycott corporate-government - to starve all the heads of this worldwide Beast system that would enslave or kill us all - then we will see rapid change.

When we stop pleading to the institutions for salvation and look within, to do what needs to be done, then there will be a consciousness shift that have the People no longer willing to sell their souls to the corporate money masters.
Rather than remaining mindless, obedient, order-followers, People take the responsibility to do what is right and think for themselves.

Below is a interesting video in that you witness professionals questioning the system, when academics and executives lose trust in the system then you know the system is dead. No longer capable of responding to the needs of society.
The evidence becomes blatantly obvious, reveal to all who are willing to look.
The narrow self interests of the top hierarchy is likely to become even more authoritative to force obedience to inhumane policies.

So I keep my eye on watch for career professionals to speak out against their friends in the high society clubs, their peers in executive boardrooms - indeed when you see this lost trust, when brokers on Wall Street don't trust central bank governors, then you are witnessing the dying institutional system preparing to feed off everything in reach.

Title: LONGWave - 07 12 17 - JULY - Economic "Fake News"?
Video posted 18 Jul 2017 by GordonTLong

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