I have developed a love for feet. Not the fetish type, the beating we put our feet through for that adventure......THAT type.steemCreated with Sketch.

in freedom •  2 years ago

I love taking photos of my legs and feet. I look down and hey! I've actually gone somewhere today!

I knew that I was taking these photos for my personal photo-book. It was only a matter of time before I knew how great of a collection I was starting up.

                           Let's take a gander at my lovely feet, shall we!

Here we have the comfort of my home bathtub.

The presence of being with my children.

By the duck pond at Trinity Park. 

A summerlicious feet photo

I love my babies feet, I pretend they are food nom nom nom nom . 

As you can tell I don't like to wear shoes.
Bare feet are FREE FEET!

I'll try not to say feet so much, I'm starting to creep myself out ha

My front yard dirt

A nice kick back with my friends.

Baby feet. ^-^

More front yard coolness

Sundance Square, playing in the fountains.

The bricks in the Stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, I know I have. 

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If you love your feet treat yourself to some Vibram Five Finger shoes.
Your feet will love you back.
I have a pair of them (on my second pair as I wore the first pair out) and I live in them.

You can even wear them in snow!

image source

It just like being in bare feet, but without worrying about your feet getting cut and bruised.


Yes! I have heard of these beauties. I thinks it's about time to invest in a pair. Thank you @trevor.george !

I have the same crazy thing going on too Rissa!!! I have tons of pics of me looking down at my feet, feet entwined, feet walking, feet, feet, feet. Oh, I love hands too!


Yes!! Magnific!
Your hand photos are truly something to see. There is so much intensity and earth in them. Let's collaborate and do a feet and hand post haha


We definitely have enough materials!!! I love playing with you @rissakoirtyohann. Grateful to see you here.

If I had grabby feet, I'd probably like them just as much as I like my hands. And if I could walk on my hands, well. :-) Appendages are fascinating, aren't they?