Our home and vacant land

in #freedom3 years ago (edited)

In a time when the world is suffering with over crowding, the lack of fertile land, and land prices soaring to out-of-reach highs, I can't help but wonder what is wrong with our foreign policies that are preventing some people from coming to our country. At this time however, we are letting in those with large bank accounts or that have unique skills in a variety of professional fields of study.

We have Land. PERIOD. And probably the largest amount of land per capita than anywhere else in the world. Beyond that, much of our land can be purchased at globally affordable prices.

Everyone in Canada complains about the real estate prices in the larger cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto etc. Yet, comparably, we have the most affordable housing in major international cities than any other country I have been to. Try buying a condo in London, or Hong Kong, or New York, and you will see that Canada is a bargain price!

The myth is that it's too cold here, or too much snow. This is simply not true. In fact, my parents were living in a desert until just a couple of years ago. That's right, BC has a desert! We also have coastal living, Island living, a rain forest, wetlands, farmlands, the Rocky Mountains, and hundreds of communities that range from 1000 to 600,000 people. There is literally something here for EVERYONE. No matter what lifestyle you prefer, your dreams can be met here.

As global climate change has been taking place, we can see the effects the most as we are higher up in the Northern Hemisphere. Last year, our largest lake "Williston Lake" which is a man-made lake held in place by a hydro-electric dam for the first time since it's creation in 1968 did NOT freeze over. Also this year, it has not frozen over yet. This is a real litmus test for the warming of our area. Our snow fall volume has been dropping off steadily since the 1980's as historical satellite imagery clearly shows. 

The TRUTH is, Canada is the Last Frontier for homesteaders. We have trending climates that has been putting BC into new markets such as Wine Production, Movie Production, Recreation Living, and hopefully will become a destination for those families who have a dream to live as freely, creatively, or as artistically as they wish.

Here's a view of the landscape just 30 minutes from my town. Enjoy.