What we have now is based on control and thus fear. If instead we would collectively abolish the institutionalized initiation of force, that would be a step towards Love, don't you think? Love grows in the absence of fear.

what we have now is insane.

I agree. It is insane. Insanity means believing everything we think, without being able to take a look at our own mind. We are lost in the mind. Which is just another way of saying we live in fear.

what do you mean we whiteman?

I'm not sure it'd be a step towards love, unless we assert that love and fear are both extremes of a common spectrum. I would place indifference opposite love, personally, and admiration opposite fear.

Fair enough. I find the dichotomy of fear and Love extremely helpful. Another way of seeing it is being open vs. being closed. When you hurt a cell, it shrinks, closes up, trying to protect itself. When you nurture it, the cell grows, opens up. Most people believe hatred to be the opposite of Love. Yet hatred is the most common and obvious expression of fear. I believe that once the fear inside of us is made conscious and confronted, Love is the result. Not Love for someone special, Love as a general attitude towards other beings. Once the fear is gone, there is really no reason not to be open and Loving towards others... And that is the basis for Anarchism. Just my opinion, though.

That's a pretty cool opinion overall and I see where you're going with it.

Fear is definitely the basis for most if not all of the crap we see in today's society and is definitely the cause for hatred.