I Want To Be Free

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Sometimes I listen to or read something that will stick in my head for long time, and often I can’t even remember who the artist was, but I remember the message.

This time I remember, it was Curtis James Jackson III (aka. 50 cent), guy that I’m not huge fan of, but I can’t say I dislike him either.

He used the phrase “Get Rich Or Die Trying” as his album and film title.

When I first saw the title for some reason I didn’t like it.Why would someone put such an importance to so low life sentence? 



Making loads of money? or Be free to do what you want, and when you want to do it? 
If you couldn’t have both, what would you pick?

And just to be clear, I’m not saying that you can’t be rich and free at the same time, but this is not my point here. I’m sure there are many people who are both, and as many rich people who have to work 16hrs days and can’t remember where the bathroom is, when they finally come back home from yet another business trip. 

50 cent was determined to get money, loads of it, more than anything else.

I’m not judging object of his determination.

Most of us want the same, even if sometimes we don’t say this  out loud, because we’re afraid to be judged as trivial or even evil. After all, we all should have bigger than money aspirations in life, right? 

Something that after we’re gone, our children can relate to.

On the other side, if you’re not Bear Grylls or don’t have the security that worm prisons provide in civilised countries, tough, you need money. 

Without it, you’ll come to realise that prison bunk must be more comfortable than park bench. 

I know, I tried the bench option, and is not that funny.

Yes, I want loads of money too, but this is not a life goal for me. 

Of course I need money like everyone else does and I work hard to earn it, but money is not my ultimate goal, it’s what it can do for me I’m after. 


Determination and clear goal in Curti’s  mind made him take action, which in result lead him to achieve his goal. 

How About Me?

I’m determined to be truly free
This is a clear goal in my mind
It made me take action
I’m free!…not quite yet - But I’ll get there or I’ll die trying.


  • Not having to worry about money, bills to pay, climbing the corporate ladder, or wondering if I’ll be able to afford family holiday in Spain next year. This sort of BS
  • Be able to plan my day according to how I feel after getting out of my bed
  • Be able to take my kids for holiday, when it suits us, not when it suits my boss
  • Be able to stay in bed when I get flu, without this guilt towards my colleges who would have to come and cover my shift on their day off
  • Go and see my family in Poland when they need me, and not when my boss decide that they can need me now
  • etc. I’m sure you know what I mean

I know I just described so called normal life that majority of people live around the world, but I’m sick of normality and I’m determined to create my own world, where I can manage the time I was given to do something that really matters, even if it matters just to handful of people.

To achieve freedom, I can’t be tied to 9 to 5 job, but I can’t just leave either.

After all, I have 2 kids and an angry bird to feed. 

If you like your job, great, it makes life that much easier, but it doesn’t make you any securer than if you hate it. 

Having just one stream of income ( job) is dangerous.

The more things you possess (mortgage, car finance, boat and other liabilities), the more terrifying it gets. 

Having a boss is dangerous.

You do what you’ve been told, or soon enough you’ll find out, who really owns your house and car, and boat… and you.

The only way out, is to be a hermit, or create multiple streams of remote or even passive income to cover all life expenses without having to have a job. 

I don’t need millions sitting in my bank. 

I need my bills covered, regardless if I was working the day before, or I was taking month off to recharge my batteries. 

Instead of having a job, you can have fun and do what you’re passionate about.This will make you more money, which you can trade for time, by hiring people that are passionate about doing something, that you can’t even think about doing, without getting goosebumps or headache. By repeating this process, we can all do what we enjoy doing, and make more money at the same time. Am I naive? I hope I’m not, as this is exactly what I’m planning to do. At the moment I just try to enjoy my life (including day job) as much as possible, learn all I can from business owners that I work for and work on building remote income streams in my spare time. I hope that one day instead of working for them I’ll be able to partner with them.

What is your life goal? What is your passion?How Can You Use Your Passion To Achieve Your Goal? 

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It is sad that we have been programed and indoctrinated into the belief that we need $ to live and prosper! every culture that we meet has to be brought or bought into the fold of civilization.To live off the land and to be in harmony w/ the natural world is condemned ,ridiculed as primitive,and lacking in knowledge!
We are killing the planet and calling it progress...we have the technology to feed the world and make hunger and poverty a thing of the past. ...
I often ask people some simple questions,
What would you do if $ was not a factor?
Where would you go if $ was no concern?
How many people would you help if you could,if $ did not limit you?
I understand that the long entrenched power structure has everything well in their hand and it is going according to the plan...I challenge you to name something other than nature that they do not control...
They have amassed great control,at our expense,we are the fodder of there wars,the chaff of there harvest. they have farmed and breed us down through wars and chemicals,taking the best and brightest to fight there wars..we have become as domesticated as the animals we farm! and as about as intelligent! ... but thanks to this little magic box we are slowly raising the bars and escaping the knowledge barriers that they have set! Do you think they won't drop the bomb just to set us back?
I am passionate about stopping the greed,and setting the stage for real human advances ,that will tie there hands and bring them to justice! I just hope we can,before it is to late.. I do not think they will cooperate!...lol...
my goal is a foolish one it seams to see world peace and to have clear running streams,to laugh and enjoy life rather than a life of sweat and tears toil and grief!
Lol... crazy isn't it! or is it just me that is insane, and inane... :-)


You are not insaine, great post, thanks


Jesse, you are on the right track. The only way one can truly be free is to be sovereign. Real sovereignty is very hard to attain these days and that of course is by design. I think the next 6 months will be very telling relative to the cabal or power structure as you call them. I call them psychopathic, luciferian, empathy free assholes!