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Intergenerational Child Abuse

in freedom •  last year

You can't vote against people, you can only vote for them. Either way, whether the guy you voted for wins or loses, you're going to be governed.
How does one withdraw their consent to be governed by anyone?
If there's no way to do so, then how does it qualify as consent?

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I mean, if you could withdraw your consent from being bound by U.S. laws, I daresay that would be anarchy!


That's correct. Adam and I, and many others are anarchists. That no doubt has an unsavory ring to it; but it's actually a very well developed moral and practical philosophy.
We don't want chaos, we maintain that government is the cause of most chaos.
We don't hate rules, we just realise that the best rules are written by property owners, not strangers who have invested nothing, thousands of miles away.


I respect that you both have a well thought out philosophy, and I don't mean to demean that. I like learning through expressing my thoughts on forums, and I appreciate you engaging with me.

My personal philosophy is that progress is made through civic engagement within the system. I do think we can all learn from each other.


Feeling's mutual. Following you now.

Well, in a democracy you are going to governed by someone. If you don't like it, the idea is that you either join the fray and run for office yourself, or participate, and speak with your vote.

I think many people voted against Hillary Clinton this past time around, rather than FOR... uh, the president.


It's true that we'll no doubt continue to be governed by someone; but not with our consent.