Does uncle Sam hate Bitcoin? Not necessary!

in freedom •  2 years ago 

You may have read this at many places, how decentralization is going to disrupt the government and how government hates bitcoin. I personally just don't think so, the government can careless what technology people are using or into. The interest they have with Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is how they can BENEFIT as a result.

Don't believe me? Look at what Virginia Beach Government is doing in an attempt to build jobs here. Basically they are giving a 500k grant for mining farms to be built!

No matter what you use, Bitcoin or not the government is interested on how they can capitalize the situation to make us pay them while they squander it off on really just garbage. It amazes me how we are legalizing drugs here in the US on the premise of helping with the national debt. With all that monkey business, we are in deeper debt then we have ever been before and it still surprises me how we are able to stay afloat while hitting trillions of dollars in debt. Besides the basic needs that require us to pay taxes, we really need to take control of our finances without the US government or any government on that matter.

If you don't, they will eventually snatch everything from you starting from the never racist Trump as he claims.

Your Fellow Crypto-knight,

- mastaz -

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