What Has The Whittam Family Been Up To? A Quick Update On Our Adventures This Last Month..... Part 2

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I'm back from taking a month off from blogging
to spend some precious time with the family.

Even though I wasn't blogging, I was still taking pictures
so that I could share with you all once I was "back in business."

It's funny, once you start blogging about your life, it's hard to do anything interesting without documenting it so that you can share it with your audience.


The Rainbow Gathering, Portugal.

What Is A Rainbow Gathering?

A rainbow gathering is a temporary community of people who come together for a week or a month every year to share an ideology of peace, harmony, respect and freedom. This usually happens deep in the countryside or a forest somewhere far away from cities, towns and villages.

The Circle.



The Circle is where rainbow people gather on a daily basic to share food, sing, dance play music and get naked if you feel the need to. The circle is a magical place to be, the energy is something out of this world. It's so hard to put into words but trust me when I say that you will never experience a feeling like it if you've never been to a rainbow gathering before. We only caught the last few days of the gathering but from the short time we were there, we felt as though we were in heaven surrounded by angels.

No Photos!

It is well known (not to me) that taking pic's at a rainbow gathering is not cool, I soon found this out after I got my phone out to take a pic of the circle just as we arrived. After being told off, I was on my best behaviour for the the remainder of the gathering =)

Here is the only picture I took, Shhhh!! don't tell anyone =)


I know I am always saying how amazing everything is, and that I might be guilty of slightly over glamorizing everything we do, but I mean it when I say that you MUST experience a rainbow gathering at least once in your lifetime.



Looking For Paradise.

As most of you know, we are looking for some land to start an eco-community/homestead. We have been looking for five years now to no avail. We are not that fussy, we just need enough land to be able to grow veg, have a few animals, a space for quest or community members and WATER, yes, water is our only real need when buying land, we want our own supply of water so that we can be truly independent and completely off the grid.

Finding land with water has been harder than we originally thought, this was mainly due to the fact that we were looking in all the wrong places. We've been looking in the south of Spain and South Portugal, but water is a scarcity in these regions and it doesn't show any sign of reversal in the near future.


Old Friends With New Possibilities.

When you travel as much as we do, you get to meet lot's of like minded people who are also on a mission to be free and live a more sustainable life. Whilst we were at the festival we bumped into lots of old friends (It really is a small world) one couple who we had made a very strong connection with had found some land in the middle of Portugal that had LOTS of water, and was VERY cheap.


The Land That Has It All.

Cheap Land, with an endless water supply, everything we could ever wish for, plus the added bonus of having lots of like minded people who have already settled here for the same reasons. So what's the catch???

Watch this video to find out,
and let us know what you think
in the comment section.


Thanks for reading
And join us next time to find out
where we are now, and what we are up to.

I'll give you a little clue.
We are not in Spain or Portugal =)


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Rainbow gathering...that's interesting. Never heard of it before. Is there a certain place where this occurs, or anywhere in Portugal? Where do people stay during the whole period? I guess, the gathering is pre-planned, right ? If you have any more info about it, or a link, I would appreciate if you share.
Anyway, nice to meet you @markwhittam :)

We'll do another video when we feel like it.

I love that hahahaha, what an awesome gal. I hope you all find what you need and this long search can come to a close, planting roots for your beautiful family to thrive. <3 I'm looking forward to hearing the new news!!

Wow great post, it's a great come back to steemit world. The pictures collection are so beautiful! You are fantastic to describe your adventures life. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. Wish you all the very best friend.

So good to have you back and read your blog (have to sit down for the videofootage later this evening) Your children look happy as well! Didn't you wife want to join you biking?

nice video buddy, good to see everyone and that you are still hunting for that elusive water! keep us up to date! :)

Great Comeback, Mark!:)

I was looking for your posts, but there weren't any of them, and I thought you just were too busy with Familyprotection community duties.
But you were resting, and seraching for a new land, so interesting to read about it!
and yes, shhhh, we won't tell anybody in the Rainbow Gathering you've made a photo:))
I've heard much about such ecological settlements of people, but have never met anybody from it, so I'm happy to meet you and discover about their lives more information.
These people and their life attract me more and more. Maybe I'm getting older and wiser:)

so pretty video!
and so sweet kids you've!

and you're a so attentive Dad. I see often when parents are speaking, and kids try to add something, they're said smth like: "Hush! I'm speaking! Keep silent!"
But you let them speak together with you, it means more than it can seem...

Great - looks stunning there, so long as you are confident all will be OK in case of more fires.

Always good take some time off - kids are small only for so long! As for settling in Portugal, sounds tempting. If those fires were an isolated event, might be worth buying some land.

Good to read and see some more about what you're family has been up to. Lovely kids! When they said bye bye, my two year old waved and said: "Bye!" :)
Curious where you are at the moment, as it's not Portugal or Spain :)
And I never heard of a rainbow gathering before, sounds interesting..

It looks amazing! I wanna go there so badly!!!

i am very happy after read part 2 you desceibed in it...you are looking on

bycycle as a racer whom they kids are?
i hope you get back soon

I feel for you @markwhittam . Conventional schooling just doesn't cut it anymore,it's eroding original values.

beautiful piece of photography sir😊

Hey Mark, real good to get an update on your adventures. Portugal is amazing, I would seriously consider buying land there, especially if there is water all year round. Fires are a bit of a worry but to be honest there will always be things to consider when buying land and maybe in 20 or 30 years ye may want to be somewhere else.
It's great ye got to experience a rainbow gathering, we used to go to ones in Ireland, they were small but the spirit of them is the same everywhere.
Look forward to hearing how the hunt for land goes, my girls send lots of hugs and love to yours xx

Wow what a cool place!

What a beautiful and wholesome experience.

I know how you guys must feel. I have the same. Walls are closing in and not knowing what to do is my every day worry at the moment. What about Portugal? Isn't homeschooling legal there? The thing that gets me is that one country can have homeschooling legal but then vaccines are mandatory. It's driving me nuts. And I am also re-thinking our options for going abroad. Central and South America seem quite good regarding homeschooling (but not everywhere either). I am sure you will find a way! We will too.

Wow. That place looks amazing but yes the fires can be scary.
We had the worst summer last year with fires all around us and I think we only had few days that were clear because the rest of the summer was all smokey.
I love the Circle. I have never seen one or heard of one, until this post and I love the idea.
Thanks for sharing @markwhittam and I wish you guys all the best in finding your perfect home.

Look like a cracking place to live buy up while you can! I would love to be in a position to myself. But the time will come. Also would love to attend a rainbow meet up. Wish the UK was more awake to this sort of living ! 💯🐒

Nice one brother. Love the vibes!
I take it that you are not coming back to Orgiva for cryptos gathering?


Keeping my fingers crossed for you Mark. We've been having the same issues when it comes to finding land, the lack of water! If you do find something with plenty of water you could always make a moat around the place! 😉

We get fires most years in South Australia, so there are certain areas I wouldn't risk. Not that they generally have much water anyway.

Nice. If you ever have any questions about the future I can give you a free tarot reading. I like more anarchist and off topic questions, and I do them free to help me learn.

u are looking so good on bike

Amazing, and i am really happy for you and your family brother and for everyone who were present there, and in my opinion this natural beauty is really admirable and breathtaking to watch and that's why we say that nature is the real home for everyone. And it's great to see your boy on your back and he is having an amazing ride with his father, and also it's great to see your children who are enjoying the cycle rides. Always stay blessed brother and remember one thing that, you are great fighter and real family man, definitely the Almighty Father chose an great future for you and your family. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Go for it! This looks and sounds an amazing prospect. Look forwards to hearing more about it. Good luck