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Freedom is our future. It is the natural evolution of human society. This can be seen in the simple study of history. Five thousand years ago human leadership was decided by who was able to demonstrate their leadership physically. This usually was decided at the end of a really big stick. Three hundred years ago most of the world was ruled by one or another monarchy. No one really thought that the divine right of kings would be questioned , let alone replaced. A hundred years ago people were trying out different forms of Republics and representative governments which had been shown to be successful largely by The United States. We continue to move towards a more localized voluntary society. Large groups of anarchists gather to discuss a world without government. Libertarian ideas are on the rise while the approval numbers of governments across the world plummet. This is a quote from Adam Kokesh who is running for the presidential nomination for Libertarian Party, the third largest party in the country,

“The current global paradigm of social organization is statism. Statism is based on a central authority, rule by force, and subservience to the collective or ruling class. It is coming to an end as we wake up to a new freedom paradigm based on human rights, nonviolence, and self-ownership. This transition from the paradigm of statism to the paradigm of freedom is the most important paradigm shift in human history.”


So what is this new paradigm? Ron Paul defines liberty this way, “Liberty means to exercise human rights in any manner a person chooses, so long as it does not interfere with the exercise of the rights of others.” He continues by saying that one of the best ways to insure liberty is to keep government out of our lives. Liberty he demonstrates is the way we can unleash our energies that build civilization, gives security, and create wealth. He finishes by saying only liberty can ward off tyranny.
Our first step must be to bring our government back to the founding principles. We must correct the wrongs that it has inflicted. The goal should be to recapture our sense of the individual. Step one of this process is localization. The head of the beast that is centralized control must be cut off. That is why it is important that we peacefully dissolve the federal government.

Those who fear this evolution contend that a national government gives us equal protection. We all know this is false. Glen Beck explains that one of the mistakes our government is making is that they are confusing equality of opportunity with equality of outcome. Equality of outcome he shows is impossible. An example of this impossibility is if you compare the outcomes of crops from a hard working farmer to a lazy farmer. The hard working farmer naturally will be more likely to have more of an outcome of crops than the lazy one. He goes on to quote Aristotle, “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal”

Glenn Beck in ,Arguing with Idiots, argues that freedom cannot provide things such as a job or a better life. He goes on to say what it can do, is provide the environment where you have a better chance to succeed and achieve your dreams. Beck asserts that when people say that free market capitalism has failed he answers that capitalism has not failed, greed has failed.

There are many signs that we are moving in the right direction. First there is the success of both Ron Paul and the growing successes of Adam Kokesh. Ron Paul has been so successful that I find it amusing that other candidates are being forced to start trying to sound like Dr. Paul, even Bernie Sanders did everything he could to appear like Ron Paul. Sanders went as far as stealing some of Dr. Paul's imagery. It would be better if Sanders and a whole host of other politicians actually changed their minds and now supported freedom.



Andrew Napolitano asserts that a step that was taken to help restore the freedoms American citizens are guaranteed in the constitution of association, assembly, and private property was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which overturned the Jim Crow laws that prevented these rights from being applied to African Americans. The act was definitely a step in the direction.

In congress and also with many of the presidential candidates, a promising movement, is happening towards a better understanding of the 10th amendment which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively or the people” (U.S. Constitution. 10th amend). By going back to this amendment we would remove the centralized power of Washington and put the power back where it belongs in the hands of the people. This unfortunately is not enough. Our government repeatedly ignores the constitution.

All of these steps towards individual Liberty were discussed by John Locke, who had a huge influence on the founding fathers of this country. According to Locke’s philosophy, the only reason for government is the protection and preservation of the individual’s natural rights. John Locke is right about many things but the thought that any government would protect the individual has proven to be false. Again this is well said by Adam Kokesh, “Statism is the ideology of turning to organized force to solve problems better solved through peaceful persuasion.” No government can solve these problem. Most of the time they caused them.

As I said we are beginning I believe to wake up as a nation from the slumber we have been in for around a hundred years. When we do the next hundred years will be better than the two hundred before it. That time is quickly approaching. We must remind the American people that,

“To love liberty requires an act of intellect, I believe. It involves coming to understand how all the things we love in this world were given to us under conditions of liberty.” Ron Paul

The need to stay awake will still be with us to quote Thomas Jefferson, “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”


Kokesh weighs in with this advise, “Given that it is our destiny to achieve a voluntary society, there are only two ways statism can end: a violent collapse or a peaceful transition. Current government systems are clearly unsustainable. If we do not start paying attention and facing up to our problems, we are headed for sudden failures of the very systems that many of us depend on.”

We must return to those natural rights that protect our freedoms, and our first step is to eliminate the tyranny in our midst. This will not be easy because it means we must stand up in the face of the possibility of an enemy that simply wants to destroy each individual.

“For the paradigm shift to occur, it has to be embraced by a critical mass of people. We are rapidly approaching the tipping point at which statism will be untenable, not just because the institutions are unsustainable, but because we are rising up and demanding our rights.”- Adam Kokesh


“Let us give up our longing for welfare, our love of war, and our desire to see government shape our fellow citizens. Let us understand that it is far better to live in an imperfect world than it is to live in a despotic world ruled by people who lord it over us through force and intimidation.” – Ron Paul

Aliester Crowley says in the Introduction to the Book of the Law “Liberty stirs once more in the womb of time,” he believed as I do that we the people will answer the call of freedom.

Not only does this path towards freedom give us the liberty to live our lives as we choose it also provides us with the opportunity to, as Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence, pursue happiness.

“The way most of us understand freedom and happiness is backwards. Happiness is not the result of freedom. Happiness causes freedom! Do we need freedom to be happy? Most certainly not! Happiness is not pursued, captured, beaten over the head with a club, and hauled home to be enjoyed for ever and ever!” -Adam Kokesh


Freedom is our future and the time to embrace it is now.

“We deserve self-rule. We deserve to be in charge of our own lives. No one has the right to control others by force, even if they claim to have the majority behind them.” – Adam Kokesh

In closing I believe Ron Paul captured the spirit I am writing here when he said,

“We must come to imagine liberty again, and believe that it can be a reality. In order to do this, we do not need songs, slogan, rallies, programs, or even a political party. All we need is access to good ideas, some degree of idealism, and courage to embrace the liberty that so many great people of the past have embraced…When the ideas turn and the culture again celebrates what it means to be free, our battle will be won.”



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I see that you and Adam both still follow Ron Paul as does a large chunk of the country. Even after all the effect to discredit this good man he is still standing up right. I once mentioned to you Adam might become one of the last statesman around. Ron Paul did endorse Adam when running for Congress. I even proposed this question through the interview with movement9 of why don't Adam have a sitdown with Ron Paul and regain this ground. Ron Paul was clearly the leader of the Tea Party which is solely responsible for us now having a Republican President and Congress. What a shame there is no accountablity and holding most of Congress feet to the fire as how they got those seats. I wish only you could see how massive nudge forward it would be to get Ron Paul endorsement would be for Adam.

Unfortunately, though I truly like Ron Paul he does not endorse many non- republicans. He even told Adam to run in the GOP to get his endorsement for congress. We certainly would welcome it, but we should not wait for it.

You know what forget the endorsement for a second. Adam is the one who is preaching unity thus gaining my attention. One the of main characteristics that I'm looking for as president is being able to sit down with ANYBODY, conducting a common sense discussion about the direction of our country. Hopefully finding then focusing on common ground and walking away as the winner by representing we the people. If Adam can't do this with Ron Paul how in he wild world of sports is he ever going to debate a master like Trump let alone all the far left loud mouth MSM who have been educated above their intellligence level? Back to the endorsement issue. Adam will gain allot more of my respect by accepting Ron Paul's endorsement than asking him for it.

Again we would accept the endorsement. As for sitting down he will sitdown with absolutly anyone who is wiiling to help us localize government. The media and those in the gov. will not do that.

It would great to see Adam and Ron team up! Maybe revive the true Tea Party. Ron was able to win the Republican nomination, unfortunately it was stolen from him by Republican good ol' boy shenanigans. He could surely help Adam get the LP nomination...

To team up, IMO is only a pipe dream, but for the two of them to sit down and discuss Americas future would draw the attention of the world. That alone would have to be a plus plus. Even the MSM would have to cover this.

That would be great!

give them freedom.Freedom is a word that works like everyone's fate. Only someone under the age can understand how happiness is happiness, how much happiness.keep it up


The need to stay awake will still be with us to quote Thomas Jefferson, “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

uh... with all due respect: THIS FAR EXCEEDS THE NEED TO JUST REMAIN AWAKE. For some reason, libertarians at large ignore this fact. if parasites and controlFreaks will just give back what they looted once motivated by a moral sales pitch. Seriously?