The Universe loves grateful people

in freedom •  8 months ago

Before, when I just started to work on myself and started to research how to help myself in every book or article I read the same thing "be grateful".


Need I say that I was so ungrateful that I was thinking there is nothing to be grateful for...
I use to lay in bed to sleep an think about things I am grateful for. At first, it was my husband, my cat, my brother, sister, parents...people that are important in my life...

Then I heard one motivational speaker who challenged me...
Challenge was to take one empty notebook and every day for two weeks write what am I grateful for. At first, it was two-three lines, but as time passed by I would write a whole page and more. And how my list of gratefulness got bigger my life started to change.


Today I am grateful for little birds that are singing in the backyard, for flowers that are so beautiful, for sun, trees, leaves, sky... bottom of the line I am grateful for my life, I love my life and I am happy... I know that life is full of possibilities and our job is to decide what we want and take it.
Because we are creators of our realities.

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A grateful heart will always attract blessings from the universe. Nice post.


It is the purest truth!
I have learned that hard way but now I'm grateful on that also :)

Tnx for support