2018-01-09 Tuesday DACA

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Do you believe in freewill? Do you believe in determinism, fate, destiny? Personally, I believe in predestined Freewill. I believe in both. I believe that things can be predictive. Some things can be predictable. But we can make some choices. Some things are beyond our control but that doesn't mean everything is.

2018-01-09 Tuesday 2 PM FGL: DACA
Oatmeal Joey Arnold

This is my daily video blog post. I have 3 videos, some photos, and stuff, for today. Worked 2 hours at Pamela Jeans for dad. Picked up piles of leaves, branches, as a landscaper. Got approved for $192 USD worth of Oregon food stamps each month for December 2017 to November 2018, that means 12 months. Food stamps is there to maybe help people and stuff. Do you think it helps? How can we help poor people?

Can we help the poor simply and merely and only by like just taking and stealing from rich people like Obama? Now, Robin Hood Trump took from the rich to give to the poor through raising taxes for the rich while reducing it for the poor and stuff. But do we need DACA? Most of the DACA kids are not kids but are 30 years old or older in the USA. Bad stuff happens in Chicago, Detroit, California, mostly due to DACA, Chain Migration, Jihadism, and stuff.

I'm at the FG Library today.


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