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You see all over the world there is people doing things they don't want to do and is giving them results they don't want to get and they do anyway.

I want that your head represents your mind. First of all no one ever seen the mind. Mind is activity is not a thing. Your brain is not your mind. Brain is a electronic switching station that alters the vibration you're in and the vibration indicates what you attract.

If you divide the top half of your head in the conscious mind and the bottom half represents the subconscious mind you will understand that the conscious mind is where school focus on, that is where we gather all the information loaded with books and the subconscious mind is where are the paradigms.

Your paradigms controls your vibration, controls what you attract and also controls what you do. It literally controls your behavior. If you look outside your results, your results are nothing but manifestation of your paradigms. And when you go and change your paradigms because it is something you must do if you want to change your results.

But probably you are wondering what are paradigms?

Well paradigms are a multitude of habits. Are ideas that are fixed in your subconscious mind and all brought together are called paradigms. So paradigms are like a sub-electronic mechanism control system in your subconscious mind.

What is this process that we see the world through? We see through a window and if it is open then we have freedom.

Think about when you were a baby. You didn't have fear of speaking in front of people and didn't have afraid of failure. You try walk, you try touch in fire and get burned.

You grew up and then in the 30s you learn to be realistic. To set goals so you can achieve and don't fail or be disappointed. Now your window get closed. If you read TRANS4MATION it's up to you!
well your window expand and get bigger, starts to open again longer as you get older. Why? Because helps to you press the mute on the negative if you stay in this path of expanding your window that you use to you see the world.

Why this is so important?

Because your life is created by what you think about all day. For example if you think positive and success you create opportunities.

To you change anything outside you must first have to change the inside.

If you sow a thought you create a action and if you sow a action you create a habit and if you sow a habit you create character and if sow character you create your destiny.

Your mindsets are not created in a day but in a month cycle.

You create a better life by creating a better self-image.

If you REALLY believe you can achieve something and you act on it, YOU WILL.

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