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A well written expose of the public as well as the hidden American political process. I encourage you to do more informational articles like this in the hope that more folks will begin to pay attention to the world around them.
But reality is that most of your audience is more attracted to the bread and circus entertainment since it helps to distract them from that surrounding reality. The truth is that those who are truly concerned about the plight of humanity and want to make a stand are equivalent to refugees who find themselves stranded and eschewed by ‘Normal’ society. Awareness automatically separates you from the herd of sheep that is most of humanity. Your awareness is strange to them and you no longer act like a member of the herd (you lose your sheep status) and become suspect and avoided by them. And the shepherds, the sheepdogs and the shearers will also look at you with an askance eye lest you begin to infect the rest of the heard with your ‘disease’.

Right on brother….


I write for the folks like yourself who might appreciate it or possibly even help them come to understand new things.

I won't change my tone for the "bread and circus" crowd, but hopefully I can find niches of people who help to propagate this information.

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