Feeling Freedom

in freedom •  21 days ago

He must learn to breathe deeply. He must have free freedom. He should live. He really should live by understanding and meaning.


It can be lived well by fulfilling basic and simple conditions. But in your day of appreciation, value seeing, being loved by society, etc. living without it seems distressed.

To love, to be loved, to be in love, to help, to make madness, to be free of ego, to take risks, to make mistakes, to read books, to share, to share, to do good, to get married, to divorce, to do his favorite things, to take risks, to be rejected, successful , should be unsuccessful, should leave beautiful impressions impressions.

Living happily, knowing that happiness is not only for our own interests, but as a process that is multiplied and shared with meaning. Living is to live. We must give meaning to a human being, a life, to be part of the change we want to see. We must add value to life, think positively, have a principled life.


If you managed to leave a better world than you found, you had a meaningful life. Give me what you do. If I act like a person, I really have lived this life can be called.

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