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This seems like a nice place to chill out in a syper positive way. Khm, khm.
Did yo knew that Ozora had 50-100 visitors first year?
It's tens of thousands now.

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Unfortunately most of the people that go these days don't go because of the party or the music they go to consume chemical substances or just to show up on social media, psychedelic (more than most other styles like prog) will probably never be comercial music but i'm pretty sure it has already lost culture.
I mean i started going to raves when i was a kid and yeah i saw some bad stuff but i would see children, dogs, families, old persons that you would normally see at house on the couch... but more recently i see less children and animals and more teens (17-21) some older that only go there to get high start fights steal cars and do drugs (and i'm not talking about blazing some joints, stuff much worse...), and this has happened in the less known raves but also in the most known ones....


It seems like every act of rebellion after the mid 20th century was taken comercial. So is a situatiotion today. Why would anyone go to rave to to start f/steal cars?


(Probably because they do that everywhere and on drugs they even worse) Honestly i don't know but it happened on crystal matrix anniversary when crazy astronaut was playing 3 or 4 cars where completely ransacked and 1 guy had to go by ambulance to the hospital cause he was completely beat up by a group of 10/20.
And yes dnb parties in portugal are also full of fights and thefts even the own security guards won't do nothing if they see it. But it all depends on the entry price since most of these guys that go to start trouble won't pay a 50 euro entry ticket.


It's rather awkard to see see thousands introverts jumping around. But a great feeling for all those people and have been to some great raves.


i was in Ozora , i played in the chillout stage and at the mainstage ...
it is a nice big festival for the psychedelic culture ,
you might be right about the majority of the crowd but not all ,
since a few years these kind of events integrate more & more areas with other things to do than "get high in the dance-floor" ,
i see you are from PT , i guess you know the Boom Festival , this is a good example of a dance party turned into something completely different,

anyway, drugs are everywhere , even your doctor take cocaine for his daily job ... ;)

the social system push the kids into drugs and hardcore behavior on week.ends , so that they can go back on monday morning to be a good soldier ...

i played also a lot of small gatherings , in this places people are looking for different experience ... these are the places where you can find the original vibe of what you talking about ....

@freedomnation :
ozora never reached 50k , i think the biggest edition was 45k , but yeah ... now is less ... there is more interesting festivals around , also more in the east , before Hungary entered in the Schengen Area , a lot of the east alternative scene was going to Ozora ... now less ... things have changed ...