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Hello Steemit

I have had an account for a few months now and I though it was time I started to use it. I'm a married man with 2 kids a Girl and a Boy both under 8 living in the great land down under. My interests involve Hunting, Fishing, Gardening, competitive Star Wars board games, filming and editing what I enjoy to upload to YouTube for others to enjoy, and waking up those who walk around with there eyes closed and don't even know it.

I would also describe myself as a Anarchist, and I would describe anarchism as a world without rulers not a world without rules. All people deserve the right to live a free life without any one person, group or government placing restrictions on how they chose to live there life unless they are causing harm to another to others. Being offend by how other live there life is not suffering from harm. However going on and on about how others have offended you to everyone around you and insisting on how they need to change there ways to make you happy that is causing harm to others.

I love a good story and it can be about anything from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, the greatest story ever written IMO to an amusing moment from someone's life told over a drink or 2. I believe sharing stories with others is how we come to understand and relate to each other.

Now that I have started here I plan to find others on there who also enjoy what I enjoy and have good stories to tell. I'll post some stories, life views and things that tickle my fancy for the amusement of anyone who wants to read it. If your wondering about the name its a line from another greatest story ever told, Star Wars and a its great motto to live by.

Fly Casual


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