Beautiful! 100% upvote, resteemed, and following you now! Keep it up @eveuncovered!

Wow almost looks like a fairytale

She so hot I can see the Steem rising from her shoulders.

Hahaha, always love a good Steem-related pun, bonus points for that.

What an amazing scene

the photo is so beautiful, in its entirety

great photo, well done

its brilliant and 100% perfect,beautiful colors .i love it

I love the theme of this photo. Interesting that the model has tattoos whereas the natural background is natural. Was it meant to be like that or am I reading more into it?

the light is so beautiful this looks like it is straight out of a dream.... @unityeagle look at the beauty.

Ok, its beautiful. Light or no light.

I want to go to a forest like that and just sit there, listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the needles, lulling me to snooze, feeling the warmth of the sun shining on my cheek.

i felt the freedom just by looking at it
nice work

That's a dope pic lol.

WITH the Forest, it reminds me of a similar scene I witnessed in Minnesota (Just gorgeous, green & peaceful - a really beautiful place to visit.. as this would be ).


What a great photo!

The nature so green, the pose as a tree, the light feeds you to grow!

Uncovered body uncovered nature. Truly awesome!

I can see why this is so popular

Yea the grass is pretty isn't it

Beautiful light! Isn't it a treat when you get light like that?! Love it!

wow Eve, seriously...

I don’t know why but I read that in a really bitchy mean girl voice :’D

really beautiful

So this time we get a dryad instead of a genie. Nice mythological theme

We like to keep it magical over here :)

Beautiful trees...

lovely view!!

I love this photo! The way the light falls in between the trees and shines on the spot she's standing is simply perfect!

Thank you very much. This is one of my favorite places in the woods, the afternoon sunshine through the trees is just amazing.

Is that an angel?

Brilliant capture.. please vote me

I like the view and I like the naked girl in there. It's very "free" :)

Awesome picture. Congrats!

Free at last, free at last! Love this post! Keep it up!

Amazing shot the light shines perfect on you. And in the woods... the best place in the world. Are you turning into a forest nymph? ;)

When ever the weather permits it!

Fantastic! I shall look forward to that. I can't wait to get back into the woods ;)

I love this photo. Naked and free and just being one with nature.

Awesome photos!! :) If your in to cool photos you might like the Mountains our AI generated.

You are the one with nature...

I have spent a lot of time walking in the woods and I have never met such a creature.

How do they react in the wild? Should I approach or stay hidden?

Should I offer them my coat?

Or should we go swimming?

Do not approach, she'll come to you if she sees something she likes.

That light composition is awesome! Keep up that good work.

This image is brilliant. Who was the photographer? The way you are in the beam is so cool.

I do all my photography myself :)

That is awesome. Love it. Maybe one day we can collab and o can take some shots of you. You definetily should collab with some photographers from steemit 😉

OMG That post is so beautiful!
Well I'm new in here and I post amazing pictures about yoga because that's my passion! I follow you! kisses <3


Looks so much like freedom, I'm sure when it's done it will speak freedom.

Great one man

Wonderful, ethereal picture.

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real nature!

pornography! gagagahaha

woooo !!!is fantastic !

That place is so liberating! :O

It is, and not many people ;)

yes, fantastic. work that.

Excellent photo!! Beautiful

This type of pictures are worth so much upvoting for :)
Please collect my vote :) @eveuncovered Love to see more

Love the colors! So much greenery <3

i can see something shinning ..amazing picture

Great work! :) Beautiful! :)

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Beautiful forest and you're great @eveuncovered!

wow this is beautiful!

i don't know why people not upvoting that beautiful pictures
lots of love @eveuncovered
keep it up
and follow me @khankhattak

What a magnificent deer :O

You have no idea how hard they are to catch!

No catching. I would just sit quietly and she would get comfortable to have me near....over time.

absolutely Right

Stunning beauty!

what a lovely picture. looks like a fairytale. beautiful colors and light!

Wow. I would love to frolick through that forest and stumble upon a girl like you.

Very good picture, nice, I will follow you

One of my absolute favourite pictures and poses, ever. Making me miss summer a bit too much, though. And drool. Ahem.

wow flawless shot


Amazing, 100% Beatiful. Keep posting like this

oh...great pic...little bit more distance, and I can see all that beauty around you.

See the forest for the trees.

I like how you were looking for that bit of light coming through the trees...that's what I do...I am a light chaser. Nice self portrait.

It's all about finding the light, am I right :)

Nice,nice into the green :)

And what's the real work?

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