Educate-yourself Creator and Truth Seeker Ken Adachi, Thank You For All Of The Years of Knowledge That You Have SharedsteemCreated with Sketch.

in freedom •  11 months ago

Thank you to Ken Adachi, and his fellow web site coordinator: Z. S. Livingstone for all the information shared over the past decade of my life. I am so grateful for websites such as these, and many others, for the commitment to truth and information spreading in order to help humanity free itself from the shackles of control. Thank you can not be said enough considering the vast amounts of knowledge I alone have dived into on this one web site. There's always something new to learn and this website was a great tool, and continues to be, for those in need of helping themselves through better education rather than indoctrination through modern typical means via "schooling". "The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought" © is a great header for the website, for it speaks volumes of Truth in and of itself.

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