The crisis of homogenous authoritative systems and the future of modern tribes

in #freedom6 years ago (edited)

Paul Rosenberg: "We are living with Space Age technology under Bronze Age rulership."

Omnipresent technology has changed our society so much the most of us are still not sufficiently aware.

State education has lost its monopoly as an information provider. It's even worse, compared to the other information channels, this one is one of the most boring.

So many different views and opinions from so many medias lead to the information chaos. Revealing a 'truth' that was provided before by state education and the oligopoly of few medias, is hard now. Everyone can become an information provider, and use his blogs to broadcast his views to anyone in the world. This fact leads to the most individualistic information society. It also means we have to face the biggest number of conspiracies.

So we live in the complex information society with the most diverse opinions of billions of people. Communists, socialists, democrats, monarchists, those who do not care and those who want to be free.

Despite this substantial opinion heterogeneity, we still stick to very homogenous political systems like parliament or direct democracy, various forms of monarchy or even more homogenous dictatorship regimes enforced to millions of different people.

We vote and decide about the future of our neighbors we hardly know. Often except the same language and the same country's passport/national ID we have nothing in common with these people and despite their physical proximity, we live in completely different worlds.
On the other hand, we share more interests or values with the people living thousands of miles far from us. In virtual communities that historically for the first time are replacing the traditional ones. On a political level, they are still ignored, and we are stuck in the 'national' community of random people with the same national tags who believe they can decide about the future of the others inside their community.

Our society has become too complex for any homogenous political system to be applied on a broad scale. Enforcing homogeneity always has had an adverse impact on minorities. And we do not mean not just women, LGBT communities, discriminated races, weed smokers... We are also talking about a new generation of free minded Internet people who consider the current authoritative state system to be obsolete and can imagine a much freer decentralized system based on cooperation and voluntary decisions. They know thanks to their birthplace - the Internet and its services, this is possible.

What we can see now is a crisis of homogenous political systems applying to a complex society of individuals. We are living in times when homogenous systems are too fragile to survive without violence. Enforcement of the violence in an entirely informed society where we are falling is an extremely expensive.

In a thoroughly informed peer to peer society, large homogeneous systems are becoming inefficient and obsolete causing a lot of conflicts.

It does not work now and will not in the future.

The solution lays in an entirely decentralized society of modern physical (private cities / smaller, natural communities) or virtual tribes (like Bitnation) with their autonomous zones, legal systems, and a set of rules.
Modern tribes as the most natural human grouping with all their benefits as a better cooperation, maximum loyalty leading to resolution of conflicts inside of the tribe or decreased transaction costs.

It is a high time to embrace modern tribes as the only natural extension of our individuality.

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