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in freedom •  3 years ago 

4 bounce house deliveries and ONE Grant saxaphone

It's not between me and you or you and them, there is one self.

By not playing the praise game or blame game, I assume responsibility for everything, this serves my desires like magic.

The idea of WE is a slave mentality by default.

The only language I know is jokes, being richer than a billionaire, cant stop laughing at jokes.

My good friends fly close to the Sun, and my best friends fly through the Sun.

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Smile and be free, it's simple, don't judge my self.

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Nice to hear your older son playing the Sax this morning. Very soothing! He should keep it up and he will be real good, not that he don't sound good already. I have to finish up my learning of piano(prefer by ear) and I want to learn the Violin.
How long has he been playing for and does he play any other instruments?

Awesome text! Very inspiring!