To experience a natural time machine, climb a tree and take a nap on a limbsteemCreated with Sketch.

in freedom •  3 years ago  (edited)

Deliver three water slides before 11am on Saturday

My mind is non physical, the cloud storage of my life, but the more attention I give it is the less time I get.

Everything is simple when it is being done by self, and gets complicated the more others are involved.

mutual understanding = mute you all under standing = everybody shut up and stand under me.

My sweetness is Uniqueness, my light shines apart from the rest to kill Darkness.

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C.I.A. = see eye A = all seeing eye pyramid.

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Chillin like a million bucks. Great post, loved it.

@craig-grant, that is some nice looking fruit. I also like the socks. Not many people around here wear socks anymore. Lol. I always wear me some socks. Thank you for the continual support my friend. Your name on my post means a lot to me.