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in freedom •  2 years ago

Everything IS, no creator involved.

The Internet is a mechanical copy of my imagination.

Nothing is nothing, so nothing must take a risk to become something.

I never tell a lie that I can't live by, so everything I say becomes true.

Light is true clarity, and dark is lies and confusion.

think = nothing, experience = thing.

Imaginary others are not matter, matter is me being now.

The need for confirmation is suicide.

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My life is simple, it is what's going on for me right now.

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If you order some cards, order the ones i mentioned in the comments at your last post. The MSI cards are the coolest and using the lowest power. The old cards you use in the rig you ordered are using way to much power.

Check this Video:

Its the 470 model, if you choose this one, be sure to get the 8GB version

Craig, good luck as u said new trade and learning but i guess you'll be my teacher as I'm learning a lot from you and enjoying the videos as i said before, good luck!!!!!