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in freedom •  2 years ago

Deliver the USA Flag bounce house. Florida back yard fun.

To be on my level, forget about them and focus on me.

I'm already successful in this moment of now, it's for the world to catch up to me, and it's always too late for the whirled.

NOWWWWWWW... sounds like a spaceship flying.

I whirl now, and any time beyond now is the whirled, or world.

A coin can be self centered on it's 3rd side with balance, and can stay and even spin on the 3rd side by maintaining that balance. 99.99% of time the coin sits on either side, and 0.01% on the 3rd side, the 3rd eye.

Only a dead man is afraid to die, as his greatest fear is eternal life.

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It's pointless to disagree with anything, cause everything has 2 sides.

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