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Deliver the green 5 in 1 combo bounce house

Past is imaginary, so belief in a past I did not experience is being lost.

Miracle = mirror clue.

Reality is as one defines it to be, anything I say is true because I say it's true, and my truth is relevant to me any anyone else who accepts the same truth.

I know that ants can teleport, so when they try to reach me, BAM they hit a wall.

Great men do as much as possible to stay great, while good men do nothing to be free.

The Internet a reflection of everything I have ever imagined or will ever imagine.

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Being now, it only matters where I'm from if I know that where I'm from is where I'm at.

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You also have a book! Wow, eager to check it out some day!

The matrix is everywhere, not only via/on the internet.

I really enjoyed this. BAM, watch out ants!