NOW = 01, reading from the book, live streamed

in freedom •  last year

If valuing privacy cost money, then it's not worth anything.


When guessing witch way to turn, right is light and left is death.

Matter being real. The only distance that MATTERS is what's reachable my by physical body, not by my imagination... Craig :)

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no shade but you said that white is non judgemental and angelic and black is full of sin but white people are very judgemental and black people are more free?


white has to judge to be able to separate and present colors, while black don't care about the colors


Very interesting thanks brother man


Wow, a very interesting perspective on colors here...

Insightful as always @craig-grant

"It is scientific fact that people who complain a lot, flush less toilets...." -- @craig-grant So far my favorite line xD Only about 20 min into it.

Also, "Self centered is small minded and a large mind is lost"

I love when you read from the book Craig

Man this book seems great! I want a copy, It probably will help keep my head in the flow. Keep on doing you my brotha.

" NOW = 01 " is an awesome collection of great phrases.. I really like the phrase : "The smartest and dumbest do the hard-work, while in the middle is easily free."

Yes Now ! is all that matters .😀

Thoroughly enjoyed this hour with you.. The light you seek (see) you shall find.. Your imagination becomes your spiritual perceptions to accept or reject and balancing what "matter is" (matters) is the gift of the physical never limited only by the senses of now and true self.

fun! :)


Its fun !!
Thank You for sharing

Mind Blowned =D Craig's StoryTime YEAHH!

but that matter sometime not all the times .

watched your live stream man! I study accounting and found this calculator to be very useful. The power of compound interest! We can generate money on a couple thousands, which is nice. I'm just waiting for the price of steem to drop. I only have a couple thousand USD, which i think will work for my needs.


compounding interest is greed for those who worship and admire it, and not greed for those who get it and keep quiet


would you suggest it shouldn't be shared? I think a variety of information may be useful . . . accounting information, one of them. I don't want to assume, but you sound pessimistic about how it can help many people. we all have "greed." It is nice to inform anyone of this information just like you have with us about what you know. Ideas are ideas, I hope it is a good one for people to understand how steemit works on the financial side.


Greetings from Venezuela, visit me to see if you like any of my post.

I want that rocking chair....

Enjoyed your stream, hope for more in future!

You are one of the most genuine and truthful people I've met. Thank you for shining the light.


Handsome:-* can reach great distances without physical body.Ever heard of Remote viewing or out of body travel? :)


out of body travel is imaginary experience, not real


Not true.I experienced many out of body experiences and they are real as this one.

Great collection and I am all in...haha. Keep it up buddy, doing great

the "witch" way, maybe an intentional mispelling? ;)

Keep it up mate

Haha, awesome phrases :)

I read some of the preview. I peeped the Astrology in there ;)

Keep keepin it real

That book is is everything...just awesome...thanks for sharing

" One being something is All Being Nothing "


look awesome book to read ! :D

I need some value 🔥

Jeez, I only found out about you today, you're a legend! Love watching your videos, keep them coming :)

I have to buy it man money comes from that book


I like your philosophy - in terms of reading material, what's been your biggest source of inspiration for your understanding of life?


I don't read books, time alone in nature is my source


Cool, personally i'm a big fan of Abraham-Hicks, their teaching is quite interesting!


Funny this reminds me of a book xD The Alchemist has a passage where it truthfully says something about observing nature to gain knowledge ;)