Pluto, the God of the Dead, Terminally ill and Wounded in Battle- WWIII The War on Human Consciousness and Freedom

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This is a war on human consciousness between Humanity and the Plutocracy that has taken our freedom and humanity away. Pluto- The God of the Dead, Terminally Ill and those Wounded in Battle, Pluto and Saturn Conjunction January 2020, and in October-November new rules will change everything. Every Saturn Pluto Conjunction in the past was at the same time as epic changes in humanity, WW1 and WW2, with all following economic collapses and detrimental events that involved monumental changes in human society were associated with this Pluto Saturn conjunction and in November it moves into Capricorn, we have an opportunity to take responsibility in making these changes for the good rather than for the rulers of Hades.


These changes and the planetary power that has brought them, are so big that nothing will be the same again, take that in accept it and then the scariest part is to decide and follow through with constructive momentum. Since we really need to feel that unity between us right now and what each of us chooses impacts all of us, so lets work together on this spiritually, mentally and physically for the best and most peaceful outcome. Do you want to want to worship a plutocracy and be compliant to the god of the dead and terminally ill? Or do you want to choose freedom, community, and humanity, our unity? Its time to decide folks, its the scariest part now, its your choice and your actions that will make the outcome you want, nothing else is going to do that for you.

Courage and Strength.

Some solutions and ideas for Peaceful momentum

  1. Strengthen your virtual communities of friends and family if you cannot strengthen physical ones, create online zoom meetings off record preferably, or Meet or on the phone- and share information from Doctors and healthcare advisers that are speaking out about what is really going on in your network, explore and share information, share your humanity, emotions, assimilate, explore possibilities, options, strategies, collaborations and spiritual connection is very important, cultivate/ reinforce your spiritual world, we will need it more than ever with all that comes forth from here.

  2. Look at ways to survive, building a sustainable economy by conservation of nature,not through a pyramid of austerity and plutocracy– Economic collapse also provides the people with an opportunity to decide how we want to manage our finances, while the governments have got carried away and forgotten they serve us, we can create our own new monetary systems . Create a virtual and possibly physical community, grow your own food, share food, share everything, as we need to support each other through economic collapse. Look into community Lets Scheme and similar ideas.

3.Learn about and use Sovereign Law and Ultra Vires can be used with Natural Law -In the police act there can be citizens arrest of police and government members or corporate persons

For example in the current situation of 5G masts being illegally installed without prior public consultation and without sufficient environmental or health risk assessments- Police are not arresting the companies and people who are installing the 5G masts, therefore they are failing to protect the public aside from the harmful health impacts that experts have already demonstrated, and which is going on during suspended parliament under draconian rules.

The people created governments to serve and protect the people, the same with the police, its not the people serving the governments as it currently has been inverted to be the case. With Natural Law and Ultra Vires Law we can demand governments operate within the principles that they were originally set up for and we can audit corruption at these deeper levels, but we have to take organised action to do this, which is why I encourage underground cafes and meetings to implement this on an official active level, there are actually police and officials out there that are aware of these issues and its their choice to support Ultra Vires or continue to be a part of this mass deception.

In 1974 extensive military and science volumes on experiments on the effects of EMF
frequencies in the Mhz ranges already learn how negatively those frequencies impact human health, let alone the hundreds of lab animals they tested on, the research is included in my recent book, and I published a year ago

4.Find vaccine awareness doctors in your area to sign a legal document you can use to present your case if anyone tries to force vaccines on you

  1. Lobby governments against ID2020 a vaccine tattoo with nanoparticles and microchips, created by Bill Gates, 500,000 people have already demanded the Whitehouse investigate Bill Gates and his foundation.

6.Hone and develop your inner spiritual abilities, we need to with what is ahead of humanity, if we want to come out of the darkness. ''I do not live in fear, I live in love'', stay in your heart and meditate on the heart whenever you feel fear and stress

7.Stay well informed and discern programmed media propaganda from genuine independent media with a broad range of scientific references, be wary of astroturfed journals sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Create a list of doctors in your area that are aware of the harmful effects of vaccines, and for those that are resistant remind them of the historic win that Robert F Kennedy Jr Won Against Government For Vaccine Safety Violations 2018,

Share Vaccine Awareness News as much as possible as its soon to be banned from all social media, as free speech has become a thing of the past on Facebook, there are Vaccine awareness groups that share Vaccine Recovery Tips from Sallie O Elkordy

Question: how do you get Scientific Certificates for Vaccine Exemptions?

Answer from Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre : Just as the Findings of Fact Law of the Natural and Common Tribunal for Public Health and Justice apply to all natural persons on Earth, so the Scientific Certificates for Vaccine Exemption apply to and can be used by any natural person under natural and Common law for Vaccine Exemption

Use the template given in this article to create a Vaccine Awareness Certificate and get a local Vaccine Awareness Doctor to sign it for you

  1. Take care of one another-We must keep an eye on and help the elderly and also those who are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar, support these people in your community. Keep showing your humanity and stay connected with everyone you love, listen to the inner voice and treat this as a warning sign to find your place on the planet before we are unable to travel for good. They encourage Social Distancing, so we must reinforce Social Strengthening as much as possible, in whatever way we can online or via telephone and so on.

  2. Share alternative therapies and health tips on how to augment and boost the Immune system, whether it is a virus or EMF radiation both weaken the immune system to actual pathogens and real viruses, taking Spirulina, Ashwagandha, 1000 mgs of Vitamin C, Moringa, Boron, Apple Cider Vinegar, Zinc and Magnesium, all help protect and support your immune system.

Carlita Shaw


Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective

The Silent Ecocide, the Environmental crisis is a crisis of Human consciousness


EMF references including military sponsored studies

5G and Oxygen

Dr Judy Mikovits on Fauci

What the Doctors are saying about the Corona Virus 5G connection

Physicians for Safe Technology

5G Telecommunications Science

Does blood have magnetic properties?

Magnetic Crystals, Guides for Animals, Found in Humans

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