Common Law vs. Civil Law

in freedom •  11 days ago

Lately I've been fascinated with the subject of Common Law, and have learned a lot in just a few days of research. In this video I share a bit about what I've found so far.

Did you know that the name in all capital letters on your ID and other documents is actually a fictional entity separate from you that your parents created and gave to the government (a corporation) when you were born? Did you know that you have the right to travel in your motor vehicle without a license, registration or insurance as long as you're not engaged in commerce?

Learn about these things and more in this episode of The Wizard Report. Keep in kind that I am wrong about at least one thing I say in this video, so do your own research and take responsibility your decisions.


P.S. If you'd like to start looking into this on your own, here is a good place to start:

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Interesting video as always. I seem to vaguely recall reading about this years ago, but never pursued. While I am not completely opposed to rules and regulations, we seem to have gotten to a point where inane rules are causing real problems. It is like the old rule-based AI programs: no matter how many rules you wrote to try to get the program to do something intelligent, there were always exceptions that didn't fit the mold and caused the program to do really dumb things. Regulations and laws seem to be exactly like that.


Yes, it seems like no matter how simple you start its always going to balloon into wondering monstrous eventually. I'm often tempted with supporting some basic rule set, but am coming to believe it can never stay small.

This is why I currently support just sticking to the rule set most of us came with. Conscience means common sense, or "to know together" - do no harm. Unfortunately there are always psychopaths in the mix making it messy.

Great work! I resteemed it as this is knowledge people should be taught, the truth!


Thanks man!

lovely video @cahlen
thank you for sharing