I Saw This With My Own Eyes

in freedom •  last year 

I was born in 1953 and found the Encyclopedia Americana very informative reading. I wondered why they had people going door to door selling new encyclopedias when we just needed updates, and they were so anxious to take the old ones away. Some kinda sneaky trade in deal. History has been rewritten and there are thousands of facts that were twisted or omitted. I recall reading about this one fact in particular. Enjoy

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Putra ka katuleh nyan @brotherdave meu tatupeu tan? Beuka katigoen aju peuhoem..!!

Encyclopedia Americana is one of the largest public encyclopedias in English. After Grolier was acquired by Scholastic Corporation in 2000, this encyclopedia was published by Scholastic. @brotherdave do you mean this?

Yes, Try to find an old set, there is truth inside. There is probably more truth in earlier sets.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes .. I tried to read the first volume that was circulated in 1829 ..

top, and this should not be allowed because of the history of the roots of being the self of something. and if at least a fox meal will change its meaning and this will make the public deceived. maybe so @brotherdave

a very long history of "Encyclopedia Americana" and you can recall @brotherdave

Strange fact to publish from the beginning if it had no truth to it and it also explains a lot about the antarctic treaty ^^